Tiffany Cumbo Ghost

Serena Williams was coached.

You can watch the videos. The coach admit to coaching. The judge, referee, umpire, saw the hand signal. People know the rules. Don't put your hands up and wave them like you just don't care. Don't put out gang signs or whatever it might have been. She accused him of sexism, racism, and everything. She is paid more for working less than male tennis players, on average. Talk about inequality.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

The video above is from Paul Joseph Watson, the PJW, the PBJ, the PBS of the Millennial Generation, like Louder with Steven Crowder, not to be confused with Eminem. Download their videos before YouTube removes them like they did to my own home Ojawall films. People are being banned off Twitter for commenting the words "Info Wars." Just those two words are in the artificial intelligence (AI), the system, the algorithm, of what is not allowed. ISIS, murder, violence, threats, racism, and many terrible things, are allowed on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc. A person was banned for sharing a drawing of Serena. Will you be next? What can we do? By the way, Amazon is burning books.

Bitchute Videos

In Tiffany's house.

First was maybe doing something like walking around in my 163 house for like a reason or for someone but forget why or what. Saw Tiffany Cumbo's house. Went in it. Saw some her things in her room or in the house in general. Maybe left and returned back to her house later or something to notice things being different. Maybe more of her things were moved from her room to a shelf in a closet close to the front door. Maybe left and returned to see more moved and that cycle may have continued a few times and maybe the house was getting smaller or changing or something. Not sure if I saw the mom or what. Not sure if I talked to the mom or what. But I was trying to talk to the mom and look at Tiffany's things and look around and everything.

Talking to like ghosts in Tiffany's house.

I was in her room or in her parent's room where I saw her or like a ghost or something and I must have grabbed the creature, the demon, or whatever, and tried asking her, him, it, or whatever, about where Tiffany was or about what was happening and stuff. Maybe that was Tiffany. I was like saying, "Where is she?" I was being demanding. I was like holding onto the monster strongly. Maybe she had a hood. Maybe she was Tiffany.

Going into Tiffany's basement.

Was looking around trying to look at things and maybe take things out of the house. Maybe was trying to take things home. Found like stairs and went down it and through a door and I started going down and down and everything.

Running around different rooms and things in the basement.

The place reminds me of other churches I have been to in real life and in dreams I've had during the course of my life. There was dirt and different rooms. It was like a video game. Many different big giant rooms and things.

Talking to people, my team, in a game or something.

We were down there on missions and things and I was running around trying to help and everything.

Out with them or with friends.

We must have finished the game or the level or the mission and left that day to go party or whatever.


Having a good time with these people at night in a place like HCM Square or something.
We were at the Ho Chi Minh Square in Vietnam and it might have been other places at the same time. It might have been the Children Ministry Team (CMT) of the Word Of Life (WOL) in New York (WOLBI) and other people as well. This is a huge contrast to talking to Casper the Friendly Ghost or whatever it might have been. Many things might have happened. In real life, Tiffany was born on the 2nd of December of 1986. She died on Saturday, the 5th of April of 2003. Knew her since like 1990 or something like that. Attended the funeral. Sometimes, I dream about her. This dream might have been a hybrid good dream mixed in with like a nightmare aspect to it.

Holding Hands

One girl says that what makes her feel better when she is sad is this video. She shows us the video on a big projector screen outside. It is of like trains in a Mario Kart race or game or something. I said it reminds me of a game called the Oregon Trail. Another girl looks at me and holds my hand and comforts me or something. After that, awoke at about 10 AM Thursday, LMS, the 13th of September of 2018, me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, L4OJ, near Seattle, WA, USA. The girl that grabbed my hand might have been like Alice of that television series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. The girl might have been like a female Robin Hood or the lover of the guy that was in love with the Red Queen. I think his name was Will Turner. Oh, maybe not Turner. But Will for sure. Just finished that Alice show last night. It had one season. Am going to finish watching the 7th season of Once Upon a Time this month. I kind of like the queen more than Alice. The queen reminds me of Tiffany in some ways.

Tiffany Cumbo Ghost

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Timeline | Tiffany Cumbo Ghost

1986-12-02: Tiffany Rochell Cumbo was born
1990 apx: met Tiffany at 170 in Oregon
2003-04-05 Saturday: Tiffany died
2018-09-13 Thursday 10:00 AM LMS JA: Tiffany's Basement Dream
2018-09-13 Thursday 10:53 AM LMS | Tiffany Cumbo Ghost
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