They Ban Cars

Smart Cars Are Not Smart.

People are dying when smart cars crash.

Mass public transportation is dying.

Central Control.

Government tries to keep us in ghettos and in bigger cities.

5G is frying our brains. 4G is frying our brains.

Smart phones make us dumb.

Smart cars make us dead.

Europe is dying.

I'm having a debate with a friend on Facebook about America.

She is Vietnamese and was talking about racism.

So, I mentioned Red Pill Black, Candace Owens.

I mentioned Joy Villa and Kanye West.

I will not buy a smart car.

What about you?

They are making cars more expensive.

They make us try to rent cars.

They make us take the Taxi, the Uber, etc.

Electric cars are making cars more expensive.

Normal cars cost less than electric cars.

They try to make us renters more and more.

They try to take away individual rights, ownerships, privacy.

I support free market, society, thought, action, & speech.

I eat from my own gardens.

What about you?

They Ban Cars

2018-05-16 Wednesday 11:19 AM LMS: They Ban Cars
Published at 11:53 PM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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