The Murder of Tommy Robinson

Katie Hopkins has been reporting on the Islamic Invasion of Europe, especially London, through the help of the evil, unelected, European Union (E.U.), and even Hitler was trying to help with that years ago. They're moving Tommy Robinson to a Muslim Prison. There has been Media Blackouts on Tommy. Thousands of people are protesting. There are rallies all around the world to Free Tommy who was imprisoned (2018-05-25: in England) for thirteen months. However, they're moving Tommy from a Medium Prison to a 73% Muslim, Maximum Security, Prison Jail Dungeon Hell. Sharia Law is taking over many cities in Europe. Muslims rape and murder five year old girls and boys. Others are doing things, too. Why are they executing Tommy and not the Murderers?

Who is Tommy Robinson?

He has been a reporter in England. Long ago, he had a shop. He was an average Joe a decade ago. But he started seeing Muslim Grooming Gangs years ago. For many years now, Tommy has been reporting on the crimes, the murders. There are so many media blackouts around the world. Bad people are killing us. They want us to stop taking about Tommy. They are sending us messages. Shut your mouth or you are next. I'm Tommy. You're Tommy. What happens to Tommy will happen to you, if you do nothing. Prison guards told Tommy he is going to die soon.

The Murder of Tommy Robinson

2018-06-13 Wednesday 04:35 PM LMS: The Murder of Tommy Robinson
Written by me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 05:45 PM
Edited 06:13 PM

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