Terms of Service Violation?

Remember Dollhouse, by Joss Whedon?

Look at my Men In Black (MIB) pen, stare in the light, wait for the flash, forget what happened, lose your memories, like Jason Bourne, like the folks in Once Upon a Time, like the Nowhere Man, like Eraser, and become an "Unperson" like Alex Jones, of Infowars.

Pen Erasing History?

If you don't know, I'm naming off some movies, and television shows, series, in this paragraph, related to 1984, to the Minority Report, the Matrix, Total Recall, Mission Impossible (Fallout), IMF, Judge Dredd, the Terminator, to films set in the future. Believe it or not, we're living in that kind of future right now in 2018, this year.

Low on the red pills?

Billions of people, as in 99% of humanity, are not aware enough of how deep it all goes and how crucial it is to take action each day in reversing globalism, Big Pharma, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon, geoengineering, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, the deep state, and everything, more and more.

Infowars is Forbidden Knowledge p9lq75vig3f11.jpg

Facebook Violates 2 Laws

Violating Terms of Service: platform for all ideas or accessory to murder? Neutral or double-standard terms? Disclaimer on Safe Harbor if neutral, but suable if deemed as publishers. So, in case you don't know, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and others, are violating two laws, first that of Fair Use as they remove user content which are protected under fair use; and secondly, they violate the Safe Harbor law as they act more like publishers, and as they violate Fair Use.

Double Standards

Facebook, and other tech giants, say they're open to all things within reason, outside of alleged hate speech, racism, sexism, anti-white phobia, terrorism, unsafe things, porn, nudity, murder, violence, blasphemy, thought crimes, anything against Allah, Sharia Law, Islam, Jihadism, and everything, and the tech giants don't always or don't really define what they mean by what may or may not be allowed on their platforms and they have separate sets of rules for the left and totally different standards and terms for the right. So, if you're a leftist, you can get away with a Hell of a lot more on these anti-social networks than you would be able to if you're trying to Make America Great Again (MAGA) and Brexit and Taiwan and everything.

Did the tech giants do that?

Did the anti-social ghetto networks, websites like Facebook, YouTube of Alphabet, of Google, and Twitter, violate their own terms of service when they banned Alex Jones, and other conservative people, other independent folks, and anybody who is not establishment, anybody who is not bought out by Big Pharma, Soros, Rothschild, Bill Gates, Oprah, Ford, Clinton, Obama, Bush, Rockefeller, China, other globalists, to name a few, right?

Apple Global Censorship

Question of the day

You can ask people if Facebook violated their own terms of service when they removed my group or the pages and accounts of Alex Jones and thousands of other people or as they shadow ban Diamond & Silk and others. You can ask YouTube and Twitter the same question. Study the terms of service. Listen to what Mark Zuckerberg said in the hearings in 2018. Mark said Facebook is the platform that is open to all ideas.

Removing Freedoms, Promoting Hate

But Facebook removed Alex Jones who promotes Gab, places like Steemit, smaller government, independence, freedoms. Facebook has not been banning actual hate speech, videos, articles, from Antifa, ISIS, terrorists. There are videos of actual murder and porn and violence and crimes on Facebook and YouTube.

RIP Ojawall

YouTube removed my Ojawall channel in 2017. Help people see the hypocrisy, the irony, the twist, the contradiction, as Facebook says, "Do as we say and not as we do or allow." If you're on the left, you can call for the murder of Trump on Twitter. If you're on the right, you can't do anything close to that.

Facebook is either neutral or must be sued.

If Facebook was or is a publisher, then they would be an accessory to murder; they would be liable, guilty, for allowing the publication of death, porn, theft, hate, sex, crimes, in actual videos, photos, comments, messages, posts, links, memes, GIFs, etc, which you can find on Facebook, YouTube, and they haven't been deleting that kind of content. Facebook is either opened to all ideas, and should not ban people based off that, or they should be sued to the ground.

Muslim Hitler

Facebook and Twitter and Alphabet Google YouTube Disqus Linkedin YouPorn China Apple iTunes Spotify Microsoft Bing bans deletes removes erases shadow bans Trump Alex Jones Infowars Drudge Oatmeal Joey Arnold L4OJ Oregon JoeyArnoldVN censorship to steal USA 2018 elections hack not Russia

For example, I was put in Facebook and Twitter jail a month in 2018, on Sunday, the 20th of May 2018, five days before Tommy Robinson was imprisoned. I was terminated, banished, punished, put on a timeout, for posting a Hitler photo which included his face and a quote of something Hitler said. Hitler was trying to open the borders, just like Merkel and Soros and others did, do, and are doing in Germany, and also for all of Europe, because Hitler was trying to get Muslims to restart the Crusades, the Holy Wars, all over the world, to destabilize Europe, the EU, to then come in and save the day.

Star Wars Emperor Sidious Soros?

Soros, just like Darth Sidious, Emperor Palpatine, did that, in Star Wars, and in the real world, as Palpatine funded the Old Republic, the Separatists, in the Clone Wars, which then led to the first Galactic Empire, which is what the New World Order (NWO) is all about and it is just like what Rothschild has been doing for centuries in funding both sides to real wars in our real world.

Terms of Service Violation?

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in August of 2018

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