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You can win ten thousand dollars by making a NPC meme, GIF, picture, video, etc, assuming that you win. (CLICK HERE) for more information at

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This Info Wars Contest ends on Monday, that is tomorrow, the 22nd of October, 2018. However, after that, you can also submit entries here for fun (IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, BELOW). I may upvote (like) them here. The EU has been banning memes in Europe, especially in this year (2018), more so than ever before. Twitter has been terminating hundreds of NPC associated accounts. In other words, people like you and me posted NPC memes, pictures, or whatever, and were then locked out of said accounts.

Gun Bad!

That is what Piers Morgan said to Alex Jones in 2013. He may not have said it in those exact words. Like other Non-playable Characters (NPC), Morgan repeats certain programs, AKA talking points, which takes history, facts, details, exceptions, abnormalities, and take them out of context. In this CNN VIDEO, Morgan tried to focus on guns. In the unedited version of this interview, you may see that Jones referenced Big Pharma. That is when they had to end the debate and go to Pharma Paid Commercials.

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Will Smith Tables

The Tables Have Turned! Jesus Turned Tables. Kanye West Turned Tables. The Establishment tells us not to turn, move, or even touch the tables. They tell us to stop the hammering. CNN said that normies, us normal people, are not allowed to look at the Wikileaks. But you can at

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