Smart Wall-E

On-Demand Clones?

Every few years, geeky articles flash bits & pieces of the truth at us. They moon us future moons of what is coming. Too often, they gamify it all. They hide the truth of the future in science fiction. For example, you see the future in Star Trek. You see it in other shows, movies, books, etc. We may dismiss it as fake. But it's real. They overwhelm us with all of it over the course of many decades. They desensitize us. They get us to accept it subliminally, slowly like we're melting hot frogs in boiling water. I've been writing about this for years. Alex Jones made movies about this. One film, End Game, exposes Globalism, which was labeled as a conspiracy theory until like the 2010's. Patriots have been releasing the whitepapers, the plans, of the globalists, the Control Freak Demons.


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What's Next?

They're beginning to steal our identity on several levels. Gradually, they require us to do more and more. The Apple iPhone 10 is an example as it requires your eye. That may not be too bad in and of itself. But it gets many people to trust Big Tech & others without question. If they haven't already, they'll tell people to put their soul into a robot, into an artificial intelligence (AI) database. The family & friends will believe that those people are still alive inside the AI, inside the computers, the machines.

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These people will probably be dead.

Regardless of whether or not they're alive in the machines, without their dead bodies, the machines will be telling their family & friends & employees & others what to do. In the past, we would feel that our loved ones would come back as ghosts, aliens, reincarnated, or whatever. The demons, the aliens, the ghosts, or whatever, for centuries, have gotten people to do things. So, this has already been happening with or without computers. We can still oppose some of this. Patriots are going against some of this. Join us in going against the tides of the ancient globalists if you haven't already. It's important to show people the dangers of 5G, geoengineering, smart phones, smart cars, smart cities, smart houses, etc. The problems around us are confusing. But have hope. Take small actions each day. Do what you can each day, online & offline. Yeah, there are many examples of what is happening inside movies like Wall-E. They're pushing us towards being the fat people, the smart phones, the smart fat people, in that spaceship in Wall-E. We are in a Wall-E Matrix already in so many ways. That is why we are all NEO together. V For Vendetta. We are ants. We are bees. We fight against Borgs. The NAZIS were trying to speed up the slow process of what the globalists wanted to do. The NAZIS modified the globalism goals to include the Blue-Eyed Master Race. Hitler was trying to bring it forth in a few years. But the globalists had a one hundred or more years plan for rolling it all out. The Nazis were trying to take shortcuts to bring it all out sooner. The globalists are trying to do what the Nazis were doing but without saving a race or a group. In the end, everybody dies, according to the plans, if we do not stop it. In the end, we all upload our minds to the hive collection, the AI Matrix, the Borg, which will kill us, if we don't stop it. Big Pharma is poisoning us. Bill Gates and Oprah are killing millions of people with vaccines in India and around the world.

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