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Trump signed a special bill, not a budget.

Trump didn't sign a budget but a 1.3 Trillion Dollars Omnibus Bill on Friday, and Omni means all or unlimited or flexible and Bus here means business. This is what I'm hearing in this video by Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily. I'm learning today, according to Corsi, that Trump signed a special bill and not a normal budget.

Bill - Not Budget

The 44th USA President, Barack Obama, 2009-2017, introduced or made famous these kind of omnibus spending budget bills, and Obama had a 1.8 trillion dollar budget and Obama would sign Omnibus bills as that gave him more flexibility in spending as that is the nature of an Omnibus bill. This means that an Omnibus is more of a tool like a Steemit account or a gun or a car or a knife or a pencil. That is good news for Trump. I looked up Corsi on Wikipedia and Wikipedia gave me an ugly photo but Corsi is smart and a great man who talks about #QAnon and about connecting dots between history and current events. That helps us all understand life to have better perspective and everything.

Wikipedia is a Conspiracy Theory

People in Vietnam told me not to trust Wikipedia and I saw many differences between the English and Vietnamese versions of certain pages on Wikipedia. While living and teaching English in Vietnam, 2012-2017, I was able to learn some Vietnamese, and with the help of other Vietnamese, I was able to see differences. Some of the Vietnamese translating and writing on Wikipedia are hiding and lying and changing thins it seems. There is some deception there.

And whenever you look up conservatives on Wikipedia, be it Corsi, Alex Jones, Mark Dice, @Cernovich, or others, you will see Wikipedia write that those people are "Conspiracy Theorists" which is always said and expressed in a very bias way to psychologically pressure us away from these alleged crazy folks. But when we are red pilled, then we can see the truth.

Protest Fox News?

Are you fed up with Fox yet? With the exception of maybe Hannity, Tucker, and maybe a few others, Fox is generally distracting their audience and Fox is not talking about the most important things. Today, they had a gun debate on Fox. And the left is not listening to the other side.


On Fox, they also had a Sanctuary Cities Debate. Again, the left doesn't listen. It was as if the guy was telling us not to be so mean to the dog. But I don't want a dog. Oh, but you gotta be nice to the dog. But why is there a dog? That is the analogy for Sanctuary Cities. We do better with priorities set on ourselves first, second on family, third on work, fourth on communities, fifth on countries. That might be a perfect structure. America has something for a reason. America pushes the envelope for success mostly because of capitalism which was to be free from hot hot government. That was part of what 1776 was all about. Bad people, for decades, have been taking down America and the world more than we know, but global revolutions are here as well more so than they know and we rising back with the help of people like you and me through Steemit, Bitcoin, blockchain technology, Ubuntu, and other things, people, making the world better one oatmeal at a time.

Decentralized Radio?

We have for videos as a counter to YouTube and we have for live videos as a counter to Twitch and Periscope and we have for audio files, music files, podcast files, MP3, but what about live audio, as in audio-only streaming, as in audio-only radio broadcasting? That is what I'm looking for. And @Cernovich is interested in this as well, assuming he hasn't found something. We don't always want to broadcast our faces all the time. We want to just talk. And please let me know if you have any ideas on that.

Take care.


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2018-03-24 Saturday 10:40 PM LMS: Sheepless Eyes
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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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