Seth Rich Gate

First, they sneak into your house, pepper-spray you as a warning, as they did to 2017 Seth Rich Murder investigator Burkman in January 2018 and then they shoot you up a bunch of times a month or so later in 2018, March 13th to shut you up, to silent you, and to stop the sleeping giant from asking too many questions.

Go back to sleep, citizen journalists of the world, nothing to see here related to Clinton Body Bags and to Rothschild World Bank Money Control and Soros International Destabilization.

Men In Black Time

This is the world of Will Smith and the Men In Black (MIB), and please look right into this pen, or vaccine, or drug of Big Pharma, and let us whip or wipe clean your memory to get you back into fat Wall-E people in a spaceship jacked up full of crap in the Minority Report of the Matrix with NO NEO, NO #QAnon and NO #WikiLeaks and NO @Cernovich and no #Drudge and NO @Stefan.Molyneux and no #InfoWars and no #ProjectVeritas and others.

Wall-E Sleep Time

Go back to sleep and we, the deep state, we the OPRAH, of BILL GATES, will continue to depopulate the world to less than a billion people so we can better dominate and more. We as the rulers of the world will continue to take away your rights, liberties, freewill, choices, decisions, mind, education, intellect, philosophy to reason, to think, the freedoms of speech, arms, religions, property rights, human rights, press, privacy, and more, until there is nothing left.

Don't try to stop us, says Deep State

Just go back to Facebook where you have to be all the time and to YouTube and Twitter and Apple and Microsoft and Amazon and other social network ghettos and pretend like you know nothing. Your children are ours, says the globalists. You CANNOT go to Steemit and Gab and Bitcoin and Ethereum and Litecoin and Ubuntu and other places and things. You cannot do that.

Seth Rich Burkman Murdered.png

Clinton Crime Networks

2018-03-21 Wednesday 12:09 PM LMS: Seth Rich Gate
Published at 12:26 PM PST LMS JA

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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