Selling Means Ownership?

If Facebook sells our data, does that mean Facebook owns our data and does that mean Facebook is liable, legally, morally, socially, physically, financially, for any of our things which they steal and profit from?

For example, if I upload photos, videos, articles, or anything, whatever, fill in the blank, to Facebook, and if that, all of that, any of that, does in fact become the property of Facebook, then what if I upload illegal stuff, porn, murder, racist stuff, unsafe stuff, politically incorrect things, children rape, how-to build bombs videos, instructions, black market drugs information, or whatever, then does Facebook become an accessory to crimes, to potential crimes, to ongoing investigations, or what have you?

Safe Harbor For Stolen Things?

Does the Safe Harbor Law apply to your own things?

Safe Harbor, and specifically the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), is all a disclaimer which allows, at least in theory, companies, social media giants for example, like Facebook, to allow users of those social platforms to upload stuff without being responsible, legally, as in liable, for the actions of their users.


I think Steemit has it too. But Steemit doesn't sell like Facebook. But does Safe Harbor apply to things that are stolen and sold?

Not Removed? Still Sold?

My argument, my question, is in concerning things that are no longer the property of users.

They Ban Me For It But Still Sell It?

So, if I upload a bad thing to Facebook, then Facebook could ban me or delete the bad thing. Facebook can do what they want to do and they can follow laws as well. So, if it is illegal or something, then Facebook may not be liable because of the Safe Harbor thing.

Selling Illegal Stuff?

But if Facebook is selling the illegal thing, then are they not the owners of the illegal thing? If they ban me, delete my evil item off Facebook, but still keep a copy of it on hard drives, on servers, online, offline, in computers, or wherever, and are still selling the info of it to different countries and corporations and organizations and advertisement groups around the world, then are they not violating the terms of Safe Harbor or anything else that may apply?

Selling Means Ownership?

By Joey Arnold

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