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Lionel Media Nation is right.

The other guy's arguments are set on some exceptions and on some incomplete perspective on what may or may not happen with Christians. And Muslims have been involved in Jihadism, in wars, in world invasion, for many centuries. There are double standards. Globalists attack Christianity, which Western Civilization has been built on.

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Bitcoin & Taxes

File Bitcoin as Income at the Price Received, Originally
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Mark Dice's Book is Out Now.

The book is titled, "Liberalism: Find a Cure." Can his book do better than Michelle Obama's? Only if you go buy a copy from Amazon, perhaps. His other book made it to the top 15 not too long ago without Hollywood's help. By the way, I can upload pictures to Steemit now after a week of inability. Was able to upload to Busy but not Steemit this past week. What happened to my Dtube videos? Not sure. How does IPFS work? Does Busy, through IPFS, keep photos on the Steem blockchain forever or temporary on other like servers? Let me know if you know. Is there an image posting limit for Steemit?

My Dream

2018-11-13 Tuesday 08:20 AM PST LMS JA Dream CNN Acosta NFL VCR Cop Actor

Fake Jim Acosta on the NFL?

Was watching an NFL football game on television with friends on a big TV screen. I saw CNN Jim Acosta run out onto the field as like a cop or referee. He was waving his flags like as if he was in a parade as to say, "Look at me, I'm real, I'm great." For a few seconds, he is running around as if he was a naked stripper that would come out into the middle of a game all nude as a stunt. Jim was just like acting or was actually a football referee as his new job.

Exposed, Caught On Burning Tapes?

After a few second or a few minutes of being like a referee or cheerleader on the field, he started walking off the field. Jim started taking off his referee uniform, outfit, clothes. So, I told like a female friend about that or tried to. I went to the VCR on the side to rewind what we were watching. But I accidentally rewinded too far. We went to watch it but it was way too far back. So, I kept on trying to fast-forward and rewind and so on to get the VHS tape to the right place so I could prove to her and to others what Jim really was or was not. I felt like Project Veritas, Drudge, and Info Wars, all rolled into one. But I never got around to the right place in time and then woke up after many minutes of trying to show them real news as opposed to fake news. Was trying to fall back asleep just so I could prove it, even if it was just a dream. Like that song goes, "Life is but a dream." There's another song by Nelly, "It was only but a dream."

Lionel Nation RT Battle Video

Is there a double-standard attack on Christianity?

Sansha Stark

Published in November of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Fall of Rome

How did Rome Fall & How is Europe Falling?

My Dream

2018-11-03 Saturday 10:21 AM PST LMS JA Dream Car Wash Menu

Was in a car with Mom & Larry. He left in like another car or something. We were in the car. It went down a road on a hill. I didn't know if anybody was driving. Maybe Mom was driving or took the wheel as she was on the passenger side & then moved over to the driver seat. We went to a car wash or went back to the car wash. Maybe we were already at a car wash already when Larry was there at the beginning of the dream. Not sure.

Mom drove us through a car wash. The car wash was long like a ghost house or amusement ride. There was a second story or floor to this car wash. We drove up it. We stopped. She didn't pay for one of the events in the car wash. But it was still moving. It was like a car bumper bender. There were large steel boulders or arms that ran up and down to like smash the bottom or top of cars to bend them back in place. We stood & watched it until it finished the automatic sequences. I said to Mom that it was like not asking for something on a menu at a restaurant but still getting it on the plate. I was like, "Who's paying for this?" We drove a few more feet past the metal arms & were in a restaurant, in the same building, around the corner, as if it was a mall or something with a car wash. We sat down at a 2 seat table. I must have continued talking about the problem of the car wash. 2 big guys came as we got up to leave. They sat down where we were sitting and we left, the end. Not sure if they asked or demanded to sit there and not sure if we were going to leave regardless.

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