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Seductive Swamps.

I'm reading an article about how the CIA is allowed to violate the constitution in order to kill people any time they want. So, I've known how bad government (Gov) can be. But this is ridiculous, right? Do you want the leaders of your country to be allowed to murder people like Cambodia did in the late 1970's or Germany in the 1930's or China or North Korea?

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We can see a lot of patterns in history.

Generally, government tries to grow like cancer. They gather power. They take away the guns from the people in their country. Stalin took the guns. Mao took the guns. Lenin took the guns. Obama was taking guns. Cheney was taking guns. Hitler took the guns. Bad things happened. Many people died. Many people were murdered. The best we can do to stop that is within our heart. First, believe in changing the world with one oatmeal at a time. Second, go and do likewise. That is how you make lemonade when life gives you lemons.

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What is Free Speech?

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That is the secret to the original oatmeal.

Get involved in local government. Put on the Yellow French Jackets. Individually, stand up, collectively. Stand strong in who you are. Stand firm in what you believe. Join other people who believe in country first policy. Stand up to tyranny. We live in event horizons. Globalism can be a good thing. Evil people have been hijacking globalism in order to enslave globalism. They've perverted the good aspects of globalism, of global free markets, communications, travel, networking, learning, teaching, sharing, experiencing, enjoying, etc. They've been turning the term of globalism into tyranny, centralization, authoritarianism, suppression, censorship, etc. Usually, when I mention globalism, I'm referring to tyrannical globalism. Yes, there is a free market globalism that has always been around for many centuries. People have been buying and selling with each other, between countries, cultures, religions, families, groups, friends, islands, continents, regions, kingdoms, cities, communities, all around the world.

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That is awesome.

But sadly, Control Freak Globalists have been hijacking and twisting globalism for many centuries now. So, that is why there were thousands of Yellow Jackets in Paris. But then the tanks came to Paris. Tyranny has been taking over Europe for many years. The people of Europe are trying to reverse that. Tommy Robinson is the beacon for that protest against Big Brother. Join us in the Infowars Army as we continue to take back our countries from Evil Dogs. Join us while you still can. Choose the winning side of history.

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