Removing Racist Files Off Your Computers?

Alex today, your computer tomorrow.

Microsoft, Apple, and others, are trying to remove unsafe, violent, misinformed, hateful (blasphemy laws), racist (thought crimes), content, videos, pictures, documents, files, GIFs, memes, ideas, off our computers, phones, tablets, laptops, servers, devices, in the same way Apple iTunes, Alphabet Google YouTube, YouPorn, Facebook, maybe Twitter, Spotify, Pinterest, and others, removed Alex Jones Content off their websites, platforms, their fake anti-social media networks within only a few hours yesterday, almost faster than they were able to imprison Tommy Robinson and the Hitler Dog Man. We're living in 1984 on drugs.

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YouPorn Bans Alex Jones?

You know it's bad when YouPorn bans you. Yeah, porn is fine, but Hell, get that terrible, racist, monster, Alex Jones, off our site, because that is way worse than porn, says YouPorn and Pinterest? Alex Jones is now an unperson, right out of the 1984 book.

Alex Jones Gun

In the name of fighting terrorism?

If we don't continue doing what we can, the invasion of privacy will continue to lead towards more and more invasion of digital property (theft) which is already happening and is beginning accelerate.

Corporate Theft?

In the name of fighting terrorism, hate speech, racism, fake news, unsafe emotions, feelings, they come, and continue to come, more and more each day, to remove our stuff off our computers, and not just off social networks, websites, or whatever, online.

Memes are Perspective-Changing Ideas.

Alex is more effective than others because he is entertaining. That is the secret. The left has been entertaining as well for decades and that is how the left influence society, globally, by slipping pass our brains straight into our hearts.

How do we win in global information wars?

The only way we counter that programming, that propaganda, is to be subtle, entertaining, through music videos, memes, videos, articles, GIFs, and more.

Bypassing Brains Into Hearts.

Back in August of 2017, just twelve months ago, we were singing the famous Alex Jones Folk Song. I entered that contest. Now, we are here.

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