Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, is being banned off YouTube.

That is why he is creating his own video platform which is launching in July of 2018. The name of the new website is Real Video, as in http://Real.Video and it is a conservative site, to some extent. Some people may not like it if the site is maybe too bias. Maybe, Mike will censor anything that is far left just like how YouTube bans far-right things, right? But YouTube say they're neutral like Facebook & Twitter & Apple & Microsoft & others (but they're not).

The Difference?

There is a difference between being bias while lying about being bias and being bias while confessing of being bias. What are your favorite video websites? There is also and http://D.Live to name a few. Some people say this new website will maybe fail as it is NOT tolerant enough of everybody on the left and the right. I'm not really sure what will happen but http://Vid.Me died in 2017 as it was too bias, too unwilling to let people guide it.

Let the free market decide.


2018-06-26 - Tuesday - 10:43 AM LMS - Real.Video
Written by me - Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Written on the twenty-sixth of June, 2018
Published at 11:13 AM

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