Prepare For War


Rising Tension.

Chinese Emperor Xi Xinping has been talking about this, especially in regards to pressuring Taiwan towards reunification with Beijing and the rest of Communist China. The good news is that Apple sales have been declining in China because Chinese are angry at what corporatism and tyranny is doing in real collusion with themselves via globalism, agenda 2030, etc. Trump has said that if you don't have a wall, you don't have a country. Soros paid Antifa and other groups have been chanting, likewise, what Trump said but in different words, "No borders, no walls, no USA at all." We are being invaded by globalist forces from so many different angles, sides, places, in so many different ways at the same time. Remember what happened in 1989 in China? Did that ever stop? China has been buying up Hollywood and other things related to America. China has sleeper cells in America, Russia, and many countries around the world. If China is nuked like Japan was nuked during World War II, then the sleeper cells will probably be activated to release whatever they have to strike back, be it biological weapons and other things that are extremely classified.

Breaking World News

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We live in an information war.

We have 4 choices in the mist of this 4th world war, that is after the third world war, which was the cold war. First, we can fight by getting involved, spreading links, voting, writing, commenting, protesting, running for office in order to help drain government swamp, raise awareness of it all, educate, encourage, inspire, talk about it, make videos, make memes, make whatever that can help, etc. Second option is to run and hide to an underground, unmarked, hill in Idaho or maybe New Zealand or somewhere to wait out the destruction of humanity which can and may happen any time between now and the next century at the earliest. Third option, try to do both, fight and hide. The third option is the best option. The 4th option is ignorance, arrogance, to do nothing. Most people do nothing. Alex Jones talked about China during his show today. @Addanat wrote, What if The Wall and the arrests of many Deep State traitors are parallel Plans coordinated to play out simultaneously? I encourage everybody not to sit and do nothing. Don't just assume the best out of Trump and other people. Tell Trump what you want him to do at Write Trump and tell your friends and do what you can to help. Let people know that this is happening, and that a lot of things are in fact happening at the same time and the wall means draining the swamp as well. @richq11 wrote, "I've been researching the Clintons since the 1990's when then President Bill Clinton put his wife in charge of devising a healthcare plan for the country." Rich went on to talk about the corruption and to list different foundations, groups, initiatives, that are part of the Clinton Foundation. That is a big aspect of the swamp. We can see Bush groups connected with Obama, Clinton, & Soros groups. Plus, it's also important to look at CFR, Bilderberg, the UN, to name a few.

Snow Flake Towels

They are just what the doctor ordered.


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