Open Borders vs Closed Borders

Soros Floods Countries?

If you like open borders, you can unlock your cars, houses, stores, gates, walls, and everything. Will you do that? Some people will not keep their things unlocked. Borders are like that. Our skin is a border. Open Borders is like becoming Pac-Man. It is dangerous. Soros & others are destroying the world. Do nothing, if you want that.

Lauren Southern vs Larken Rose

Rose argues for a hypothetical dream world where there is no violence, no evil, no governments. But we don't live in a world like that at the moment. Rose said people should get guns? Sure, we should have guns. But Rose doesn't like the violence of the borders because of the guns there. That is silly. Isn't that hypocritical?

Gov vs Racism?

Rose asked if American government is less of a threat than Islam or brown people. Rose thinks USA gov is worse. Historically, Jihadism has invaded Europe, Africa, Asia, many times, for centuries. Rose ignores history. Like the Sith in Star Wars, Rose speaks in absolutes, that either you are a statist or you are not or you are this or that or this thing or that thing. But there are 50 shades to life. There are many degrees to statism and to different things. Rose says that Jihadism and Sharia Law is imaginary, that Muslims don't throw gay people off buildings and more.

NWO Agenda 2030?

Man asked Rose about the UN agenda, the NWO agenda, the Soros agenda, in flooding borders, in destabilizing countries, to create mass chaos in order to get people to cry for help from the NWO.

Somebody asked if she would hate the borders if she was poor. But the borders are there to help the country there and not the people outside of the country.

One guy and he was all around the world and asked where the bad countries were.

Rose says we shouldn't treat people differently. However, you can't help everybody. You have to have priorities and choose who you want to help or be around.

Lauren Southern vs Jeff Berwick

The Million Dollar Vigilante tells Lauren that we can't stop migrants from a voluntary perspective. In other words, he promotes pacifism, which is like nihilism, fatalism, Buddhism, the ideas of nothing, a big nothing burger, that nothing matters, that people are just people (animals without spirits, AKA eternal purpose, destiny). But people are more than that. We can prioritize.

Violent Borders?

The one video in this article, the debate between Lauren Southern and Larken Rose, is all about practicality vs hypothetical ideals. Rose calls closed borders too violent. Just watch The Walking Dead (TWD). In the TWD, there are walls there. Is Rick Grimes racist for having walls? How did Rome fall if not through the borders? How is Europe falling even in 2018? Through open borders.

Molyneux vs Kokesh

Open Borders vs Closed Borders

2018-07-04 Wednesday 09:31 AM LMS - Open Borders vs Closed Borders
Written by me - Oatmeal Joey Arnold (JA)
Written in July of 2018
Published at 11:34 AM

Against ICE?

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This Oatmeal Joey Arnold post article is focused on the debate between open borders and closed borders.

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