My Name is Alex Jones

I'm Russian according to Barry Popik of Red State.

Don't even Google or Duck Duck Go Search Me.

I'm also Russian Wiki-Leaks Julian Assange according to NY Times?

I'm Also V for Vendetta

I'm whatever you need me to be.

Wait, no, I am who I ALREADY am.

I admire people like Alex and Assange and Lionel.

Look at some of the people I follow, below.

Deep State is Getting Deeper

As Information Warriors, we are the keepers of the future.

Tons of people talk crap about Alex and the others.

Don't be afraid to talk about Alex or Q or Veritas or others.

Be your own independent news voice.

Use the #InformationWar hashtag to spread the news.

Meet new people and ask them questions.

Sing songs, parodies, because that red pills people.

Do something funny, crazy, different, to hook people.

I'm the Ice Breaker

One year, my nickname at camp was Oatmeal.

But the next year, it was Ice Breaker.

We all can break the ice with people.

Like @Stefan.Molyneux, we can start conversations with people.

Be funny, simple, and fun with people.

If you already know what the Hell I'm taking about, great.

You are one of the few.

Mueller has been going after Alex and even Roger Stone.

There are thousands of articles online, daily, about Alex.

They are spreading misinformation about him.

Deep state is trying to brain wash all of us, more and more.

The Answer to 1984:

Is 1776.

My Name is Alex Jones

2018-05-19 Saturday 11:00 PM LMS: My Name is Alex Jones
My Favorite Hashtag Communities

Written By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Published at 11:51 PM

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