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President Trump, How big is Voter Fraud?

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How many dead people vote?

How bad is Internet Censorship? How can we get more people involved in going against Globalism, Tyranny, Censorship, Technocracy, Chinese Influence, Sharia Law, & other matters? I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold.

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How bad is 5G?

Are you helping in promoting technological cancer? Together, we are making America better, in shrinking government, in lowering taxes, to help the economy, the free market. Each one of us are Trump, The News, The Revolution. It's fundamental for all of us to continue to encourage more people to get involved in being the news, in getting involved politically, in promoting family, community, traditional, country first, natural remedies first, values, focus.

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Voter Fraud

One of the biggest issues is in the voter fraud and things related to that. The left is attacking us at school, on television, on the internet, in the courts via liberal judges even, and much more than that, even. 2018-11-06 Tuesday, November the sixth, from Oregon, in Shelton, WA. Was in Vietnam for 5 years to teach English because of Obama but came back to the USA because of Trump. I've been encouraging people to let Trump know how deep the deep state is, how bad Agenda 2030 is, how dangerous 1984 & 5G is. Don't forget about Big Pharma. Don't forget about China and how they buy up Media, Hollywood, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. They're all involved in interfering with Election Meddling & much worse. We have Soros, Clinton, Obama, Bush, the NWO, & others, destroying America since 1871 in some ways, and specifically since 1912. You can see that they're attacking us & pushing out fake news for many decades now. So, we will continue to fight for justice, but the key is in going after the voter fraud. How do we continue in stopping caravans? Isn't that how Europe falls? Isn't that how Rome fell? Didn't America go bankrupt in 1933? How bad is the Federal Reserve? How do we stop them?

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