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What do you disagree with?

Whenever people say they disagree with Alex Jones, who was banned off mafia media today, they tend not to talk about what they may or may not agree and/or disagree with, with Alex Jones of and and and hundreds of cable, satellite, television channels, short-wave radio stations, posted, shared, mirrored, onto websites, anti-social networks, all around the world.

AJ vs JA

Alex Jones (AJ) redpilled me, Joey Arnold (JA), especially in 2016, and Infowars has been awakening millions to billions of people all around the world for decades in so many ways in regards to so many things, subjects, in regards to health, history, politics, psychology, parenting, natural remedies, comedy, and you name it.

Just One Thing?

I dare you to ask people for one thing, just one thing for example, that they may disagree with Alex on. I heard Diamond & Silk say they don't agree with everything Alex says but they didn't give an example.

Politically Correct to Hate Alex?

Now, some people just say it as a way to cater to people who may not agree with Alex because of his reputation, the rumors, spread by the fake news, by the control freak lamestream media out there.

Lame Stream Fame?

Subliminally, to some extent, we begin to believe in the lies from the Left without even knowing it. Alex promotes free markets for example.

Do you hate Free Markets?

Do you disagree with free markets? That is one thing people could disagree with. You may disagree with the way he talks, his deep raspy voice, how he may interrupt people while he in interviewing people.

Don't like it, don't watch it.

If you don't like it, don't watch it. I like it. And life is short. He has to interrupt because there is so much to say. We know this. If you don't like it, watch Doug Haggman or Lionel Nation or Red Pill Black Candace Owens or others.

Millions of people each day.

Millions of people listen to Alex each day. If Alex was so bad, all of those people would or could stop and listen to others. Alex is not a monopoly, and there are competitors to Alex. You can watch Mark Dice for example.

Other people we can follow.

Here is a list on the people I listen to, the websites, the news networks, independent journalists, I'm following (click here). Alex promotes his competitors, also.

Banned from the Internet?

Alex Jones has been banned off anti-social networks, places like Facebook, Alphabet Google & YouTube, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Pinterest, and maybe even Twitter, and probably other places too. Will they ban you next?

They banned me.

I've been banned, deleted, removed, censored, canceled, terminated, shadow banned, ripped out, hidden, lost, shredded, deactivated, erased, restricted, limited, and you name it, my videos, photos, links, profiles, groups, pages, accounts, channels, posts, comments, content, things, stuff, many things, for many years, many times, thousands of videos destroyed, pages erased, on Facebook, YouTube, as my Ojawall channel was terminated, and on Twitter, and more.

Mafia Media

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in August of 2018

2018-08-06 Monday 11:07 PM LMS | Mafia Media
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