Lovely Terrorists

Is that what Star Wars Rebels are?

James Cameron said that is what we call them today, that rebellion against the evil Galactic Empire is a synonym to terrorism against western civilization. George Lucas replied, that they were the Viet Cong who were fighting with America against Communism.

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On The Same Page?

In this interview video between Cameron and Lucas, published to YouTube on 2018, April 25th, Wednesday, I'm not even sure if these two guys are talking about the same things because Cameron mentions terrorism while Lucas gave a shout out to the civil war between South Vietnam and North Vietnam. While living in Vietnam for 5 years, from 2012-2017, Vietnamese told me all about that.

Star Wars

Was born in 85 in Oregon and became a fan of Star Wars around 97 when the special edition trilogy was playing in theater. Was so excited in 99 for episode 1 with that duel with Darth Vader. Love the analogy between Emperor Palpatine and the real-life warlord, NAZI Helper, Soros. Are terrorists and rebels the good guys?

Han Solo Movie?

I'm a fan of space operas, but was not really a fan of Last Jedi or Solo: A Star Wars Story because those films were becoming too boring, too weird, too evil in a way as they try to brain wash me to seek after subjectivity, to go against family values, to go against life in general. Cameron mentions things like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, as in radical Islamic Terrorism, in order to compare the Jedi to Jihadism.

Lovely Terrorists

By Joey Arnold

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Published in July of 2018

2018-07-27 Friday 10:39 PM LMS | Lovely Terrorists
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