Kill All White People

Turtle Into The Shadows?

Facebook blocked me for another 30 days today, for like the 4th time in 2018, this year alone, for writing just those four words, "Kill All White People," or so they said today, Thursday, around 09:00 PM PST LMS JA, the 18th of October, that is OCT, 2018-10-18. My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold and I've been banned, terminated, shadow banned, removed, deleted, disabled, limited, demonetized, abused, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, on social networks, on my accounts, profiles, pages, groups, channels, many times this decade, in the 2010's, as in several times each year. Are you next? Join the revolution.

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Biggest News Network Banned

Tech Giants Kicked Off Alex Jones, David Knight, Owen Shroyer, Info Wars, off Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Linkedin, YouPorn, PayPal, etc, in 2018. Following that, they began escalating, in their acceleration, in banning, terminating, thousands and thousands of other Pro-Family, Pro-Trump, Pro-American, Pro-Brexit, Pro-Republic, Pro-Capitalism, accounts, profiles, groups, channels, pages, posts, videos, photos, memes, links, GIFs, etc. Technocracy is colluding in the 2018 USA Midterm Elections.

Alex Jones Banned

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Blocked On Facebook, Again

Paul Joseph Watson talked about this in his videos. Mark Dice has talked about it. Talked about what? On Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other websites, you'll find people blaming anything and everything on white people, on Christians, on conservatives, on Americans, on the Jews, etc. Too often, you'll see people Tweet or comment or even film hate speech, racism, etc. They'll say, "Kill All White People," etc etc. You can Google it. No, you should Duck Duck Go it. It is a long story but I posted about it on Facebook and was banned for it. But they've been endorsing, promoting, hate, genocide, confusion, etc, against whites, patriots, independence, etc. Do you care?

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Facebook Stole $100K

Mike Cernovich was receiving millions of views per month on Facebook. That encouraged Mike to pay more money on Facebook Advertisement in order to continue promoting his books, his classes, on Gorilla Mind, on political commentary, on health, fitness, wellness, etc. But new people were buying his stuff. It wasn't really translating. Why? Because FB was inflating the data, the metrics. Facebook said Mike had billions of views in 2017. The real numbers may be less than that. Facebook has been stealing money from Mike and from other people as well. Facebook is worse than the Email Nigerian Prince Scams. Facebook has been removing thousands of people in 2018, in just the past few days. Facebook pulled people away from YouTube, Buzzfeed, Gab, Twitter, etc, as Facebook lied about the Reach.

Tommy Robinson Silenced

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