Kanye West Crashes Into TMZ

George Bush don't care about black people, he said.

What did Obama do for Chicago?

TMZ edited the hour long stream into bits & pieces.

Meghan Kelly edited her interview with Alex Jones.

Kanye West is saying we can break out of 400 years of slavery.

We do not have to choose slavery now.

Obama tried getting boys & girls to shower together in school.

Globalists are trying to brain wash us in school.

They're trying to poison us with the food, the GMO, the Chem Trails.

Globalists flood our nation with third-world countries.

We are in informational wars.

They're attacking us from different angles, in different ways.

2014-12-22 Long Thanh02.jpg

2014-12-22: Long Thanh: JA Students

Kanye West Crashes Into TMZ

2018-05-02 Wednesday 09:13 AM LMS: Kanye West TMZ
Published at 9:31 AM
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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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My Dreams

2018-02-24 Saturday 7 AM LMS JA Dream: Hawks At Home:
Lincoln and Fulton Hawk came to my original house in Forest Grove and were talking to my mom and were filling out prayer cards for mom. First Saw Lincoln but later saw Fulton and I remember them talking to mom and I was then like at a special cinema place and it was kind of like a fort too and couples were there to watch films and make out and stuff and I was there with somebody who let me borrow like his Paystation 3 and yet it was small like a Game Boy and I went to play it. Earlier in my first dream, I was walking around the house doing things while the Hawks were there and maybe they then left without talking to me but am not sure and I then went off to do something and was out all night and am not sure why. Two or three main parts to this dream, first at home with Mom and Hawk and then outside at night and then at a cinema or something. Oh and then at a Tri-Met MAX station in Gresham, OR waiting for the train and it was maybe the same place I was at originally for when I first worked at Kuratli as a counselor in 2007. Other people were there talking and stuff. Maybe we were all going there to work at Kuratli.

2018-03-07 Wednesday 07:20 AM LMS: Lockin HS:
My last overnight lockin with high school and youth group friends like Eric Koelbl and others. Oh, by the way, had a dream maybe Saturday, a few days ago where a man told me to shoot him the back of the head and he got on his knees and wanted to die and have a demonstration and teach a lesson to everybody there like it was The Walking Dead or something and I picked up the gun and aimed to fire and was going to shoot and thought about it but I stopped and put the gun down and thought I could not and will not. And this new dream, we were having fun with our last party and we were going at the end back to a camp maybe the Ranch at WOLBI NY and we were to sneak back to the camp as counselors and surprise our campers too but the campers saw us but we were told not to worry that the surprise of our return to camp was ruined and that it was still going to be fun and stuff and then I woke up I think and that is all I can remember basically as this new dream had 2 or 3 things which were high school people and and stuff and also camp related stuff and not sure if it had a family aspect or not or other things or not but the 2 main storylines combined and merged somehow where I was with high school friends at an all night party but we were then camp counselors at the same time and were going abck to camp at night to see our campers and in real life some of were both in high school and then later on camp counselors as well.

2018-04-05 Thu 8 AM LMS - Alex Debate -
Alex jones went on a round Table Debate with ten other famous people like Bill Mahr oe what is his name? I was at an airport in Long Beach, CA and decided to look for Lincoln Hawak and was running and driving around looking.

2018-04-17 Tuesday 08:20 AM LMS JA - Dream - Kids -
Had some and were taking photos of other kids as a company that did photoshoots and one mother was there for me. SHe might have been there for a second father as well, which was Joey Lawrence who was dreaming of rocking the baby or toddler and of taking care of the kid but was just sitting there on a bench at a park while watching the baby and dreaming of what it would be like to be a better father. Not really sure of the details of this dream I awoke from, me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and I ran for U.S. President and it was like I could because of social media and it was exciting and scary. After that was the baby part of the dream as already mentioned where I was working and maybe with a family too or was about to have a family or was thinking about others who had kids.

2018-04-22 Sunday 7 AM LMS Molyneux Quiet Church -
I was loud Molyneux told me to be quiet during church in a basement. Alex Jones was coming to introduce a speaker. After that, we would go back home. We were at a camp retreat thing. There was a break after the sermon before Alex was going to speak. I was trying to pass something to maybe my dad or somebody important during church. It was like a note and Molyneux intercepted the pass and said no way. I started muttering things about how he was wrong and how I could pass stuff. Later, people got up and left that room and I was alone and I was thinking about packing my bags in leaving for the last time at this camp thing or whatever it was and I was excited and then I awoke.

2018-05-02 Wednesday 05:00 AM LMS Rick Morty Joey:
I was like Morty from the Rick & Morty cartoon TV showbut I was not Morty but thought about him during my dream but was not thinking I was in a dream. I don't remember a Rick or anyone like Rick from the show in my dream but I was helping out myself maybe as in many versions of Joey Oatmeal from different timelines, or parallel universes like Walter in Fringe. I was also trying to help family and friends. We were in Oregon and were at camp and were driving on country roads and I came back to save myself from death or something and that was the end of the dream and I wanted others to know what I did but am not sure how I saved the day but do know I did.

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