Jumanji Assange Arrested

I didn't know Seth Rich lived inside Julian Assange. Just kidding. Where is the evidence that Assange hacked Podesta Emails which reveals and exposes the crimes, the espionage, the terrorism, the agendas, and everything, of Hillary Clinton, Podesta, Obama, George Soros, deep state, big tech, etc, etc, can they prove Assange is a criminal for being a reporter for reporting on things they gave him and Wikileaks and why did they also arrest Roger Stone and others and is this the death of the republic or what can we do to reverse injustice?

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2019-04-11 - Thursday - 12:21 PM - 01:14 PM - Jumanji Assange Arrested

Big Story

In 2018, Tommy Robinson was arrested. Not long ago, Roger Stone was arrested. Even I was arrested falsely. Today, they arrested Julian Assange. Cassandra Fairbanks, WikiLeaks supporter, shares what she witnessed during Assange' arrest (video here). Reminds me of what happened to Laura Loomer. Did you see the Ben Shapiro Video on what happened to Assange and on what Attorney General William Barr said on how Obama was spying on Trump and on America in general? An article on Steemit all about Assange.


When they arrested Assange, he was shouting "RESIST." Why was he shouting that? Here is an Infowars article that talks all about that. It includes a Paul Joseph Watson Video.

Steemit News

@lighteye - This is a short reminder of their crimes which Wikileaks have published. This is a reminder that Wikileaks — as opposed to corporate media — never published one fake news! Everything is THE TRUTH!.... Oh, by the way, Julian Assange (JA) is Alex Jones (AJ) backwards and it's also my name, Joey Arnold (JA) as well. Love it.

Ushering Out Tyranny

@julianhorack - Julian Assange carried out of the Ecuador Embassy by police after 7 years asylum

Spinning Lies

@dwinblood - Considering the lies being spun about Julian Assange as he is taken into custody by the UK from inside the Ecuadorian embassy... -

Heart Breaking News

@mepatriot - Let me make this very clear... If Trump extradites and "tries" AUSTRALIAN Julian Assange..now that he's been arrested...


@tarazkp - Control the narrative

Animal Farm

@krnel - Julian Assange's Arrest Shows Us the Failure of Our Society and the Immorality of Governments - If history truly marks important events for humanity, April 11, 2019, will be marked as a dark day when society has failed to do justice for someone fighting for justice while being persecuted by the morally corrupted governments all around. Turning point in history?

We Are Julian Assange

@elektropunkz - Julian Assange Arrested - Change your profile picture on social media into one of these right here, (or make your own). Could this help drain the swamp?

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