Hitler was trying to flood Europe with Muslims similar to how things are in 2018, this year. Muslims are taught to invade & conquer the women, the land, the governments, of all the countries in the world, and they have been trying.

Children are taught this.

Was Hitler Actually Muslim?

Maybe he was or maybe he wasn't, but regardless of that, he was trying to use Islam similar to how Chinese and globalists and elites and big powers that be try to use it in order to create chaos in order to save the day. Globalists like Soros & Rothschild & JP Morgan and Rockefeller and Bill Gates and the NWO and the CFR and the EU and Oprah and Google and Facebook and Amazon and Apple and Clinton and Bilderberg members and Obama and Bush and others do that. They create the problem. They come back when countries beg for United Nations (U.N.) intervention or for help from these people, groups, unions, etc.

That is called codependency, right?

Emperor Soros?

Soros & the others, as seen above, do and try to do what the evil Star Wars Emperor did in those films were he create war between the Old Republic, the Jedi, and the Confederacy. After many years of war, the Senate voted to elect Palpatine as the first Emperor and they reformed the Republic into the first Galactic Empire. Padme said that is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause.

Learn more about the Confederacy on

Slowly, the left has been doing this in Europe.

America is next.

Hitler ALLAH.jpeg

But There is HOPE.

You Are Luke Skywalker.

Each one of us are the CHOSEN ONE
Each one of us is able to talk about THIS

Talk about it.
And do stuff about it.

Stand tall in what you believe.
Promote family values.

Talk About This Information War.

Share the #InformationWar hashtag.

What are you doing to fight in this war?

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Photo Location: Rick's Tire Factory

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Date: 2017-12-21: Thursday

Islamic Hitler

2018-05-14 Monday 06:31 PM LMS: Islamic NAZI PARTY
Published at 09:24 PM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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