Is This Austin or Chicago?

You're on Candid Camera. This wasn't Wikileaks, Veritas, Crowder, or even PJW. This was just little blond Millie Weaver interviewing cops in Austin, Texas, during SXSW, this Sunday, the 18th of March 2018, where dozens of thugs, prostitutes, drug dealers, pot smokers, gangsters, gather in the public, on street corners, all over, trashing streets, doing their things, smoking, selling, trashing, scheming, and more.

Texas is Chicago?

It was like it was California, like it was Chicago, Gotham, Europe, Africa, in those places, like those places, and the police said their hands were and are tied up.
How can we untie them?

Weaver SXSW 2.png

Judges have been throwing out and tossing out cases in the United States of America and more so it seems in Europe or something. Democrats get blacks and sometimes others too, hooked on drugs, welfare, medicine, victim mentality, and more, historically, generally, in many countries, and a lot in America even.

Leftism Dominating Education?

There were only a few cops at SXSW and they would need hundreds of riot police and squat teams if they wanted to arrest people, the police told Millie today and that judges are almost all way too liberal to even care or something. The corruption is bigger than we care to know. Scary. Terrible.

Colleges are refusing conservative students and ideologies and more. Why are we letting the left conquer education, entertainment, medicine, technology, and more?

What can we do to reverse that?

From 2012-2017, I was in Vietnam where I saw Muslim Immigration Acceleration during those years mostly from Malaysia, Indonesia, it seems, where you see hooded women in flocks all over Saigon and tourist websites and agencies advertise specifically for Muslim Tours for Muslims Only and no Christian Tours or Buddhist Tours or Atheist Tours or Geek Tours or Women Tours or Children Tours or Animal Tours but jut a specific category for Muslim people as if they were a race and not a religion and we all know Islam is a religion and it is also a form of government that devours the countries and nations and places, historically, first as they are refugees and then as they overpopulate and dominate the majority of the population, the people, the citizens, of the countries they invade as required by their holy books.

Many Muslims get into the governments and this has been happening for centuries an almost erased from history books and from main stream media as it happens even in 2018 and for the past 1,400 years or more.

How can we Protect Tomorrow?

Real World Problems

2018-03-18 Sunday 03:30 PM LMS: Is This Austin or Chicago?

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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