Is 2020 The Beginning of a New Decade?

Yes, Alex Jones is right that the next decade begins in 2021 according to the Gregorian Calendar. 1 But astrological time and computer time reassigns 1 BC to be (virtually speaking) 0 AD in order to align each decade, century, and millennia, to end at the end of a nine year (9) like 2019 for example. 2 The Holocene Calendar adds 10K to each year which then turns 2019 AD into 12019. I would favor for whatever calendar that allows for alignment to 0.

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Keep Things Simple

Either backdate-add an actual year zero to a calendar system or go with the astrological system of having 1 BC as 0 AD. That is what I would prefer. Alex Jones is right but I still think starting at 1 messes things up. 3

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Published in December of 2019

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Yes, you are right. However, here is my suggestion. The first year either should have started in 0 A.D. / 0 B.C. or you could say it started from 1 B.C.E. to 1 C.E. and on top of that, historically speaking, there have been different calendars. Some of them started after 1 AD.


Therefore, a calendar like would have been therefore backdated. In other words, superimposed. It is like editing a live video to add something to the video that was not there. You can do the same thing with time itself. It depends on the calendar. So, if a particular calendar excludes a system that allows decades to end at the end of a nine year (9), like 2019 for example, I would encourage the people of those calendars to reconsider their logic. Of course, some people say there was no zero. I would say that if there was no year zero, then there should have been one.

Splitting Eras

If there was no year zero to split BC with AD, then you end up with a combo year where the first BC year goes backwards from the first AD year and you have the first AD year beginning likewise from the first BC year. Of course, if people want that, then they can have it. I would prefer not to double-up the transition from BCE to CE or BC to AD.

The Gregorian Calendar

The Pope introduced his calendar on the 15th of October of 1582. The previous day was the 4th of October of 1582 or 1582-10-04. The calendar was attempting to keep dates aligned with the seasons, with reality. The history of calendars is interesting. I love history.

Beginning in April

Some calendars had the year begin on like the third of April of each year or something like that.


This calendar comprises of eighteen 20-day months for each year where the last five days are unlucky or dangerous as interdimensional portals or transitional dark valleys between the mortal realm and the underworld similar to that of Halloween and the All Saints Days.

The Mayans Timeline

The Mayans calendar is actually a set of three interlocking calendars, the sacred calendar of 260 days called the Tzolkin, the solar calendar of 365 days known as the Haab, and a Long Count calendar of much longer time periods.

Sun Calendars

Solar Calendars goes back to at least 1582 AD

Moon Calendars

Lunar Calendars which may go back like 30,000 years according to Wikipedia.

Anno Domini (A.D.)

The Anno Domini dating system was devised in 525 by Dionysius Exiguus and it replaced the Diocletian era.

Astronomical Calendar

This calendar system merges the Julian and Gregorian calendars at 1582 AD with corresponding dates merging the former calendar with the latter.

Holocene Calendar

This calendar adds 10K years to the current date to turn 2019 into 12019. I like that.


I identify 1 BC as 0 AD. Therefore, because of that, I can redefine when decades and centuries begin in a Gregorian calendar. In other words, I use astrology time or computer time. I wouldn't mind going with a different calendar system that allows decades to begin at 0 instead of at 1 as it is currently. It makes things more logical that way. That's my safe space. Happy New Decade. This is the last day of the 2010's or 12010's in my book.

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