Imaginary Invasion

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Humanity Crisis?

Wait, which is it? CNN said it's not there. At the same time, fake news says what is not there is bad. That is a paradox. We've seen a lot of these contradictions, that is when we follow the whole story & nothing but the whole story. Generally, the narrative, the propaganda, has been that alleged refugees are fleeing violence. When we interview them, they say they just want a better life. When they leave their countries, they hurt their countries. If the best leave, then that leaves the worse in those countries.


We can see what is happening in Europe.

Generally, the worse kinds of people are encouraged to have too many people (babies) while the best are encouraged to do the opposite, to never marry, to not bear children, and to die. It's ok to be white but we are often told the opposite. Soros, the United Nations (UN), & others, have been destroying many countries around the world, especially in Europe, and especially in the 2010's. The destruction in the past few years have been accelerating. The fake news spends a lot of time distracting us. They try not to show us the whole story.

Think your country first.

Why are we helping other people while our people rot? Happy Thanksgiving 2018. What are you thankful for? Are you thankful for the progressives who are destroying our educational systems? Happy Halloween 2018. Are you dressing up in Info Wars Gear, in MAGA apparel? Do you ever dress up as an NPC? I've been writing about the Invasion for many months now, in 2018. I've mentioned bits & pieces about invasions in previous years. I always try to reference how the Roman Empire fell, for example. I continue to write about invasions as it is an ongoing battle that we wage upon. Millions of people are coming over into America. In the next few decades, the UN is set at having over 300 million more people flood our borders like they are doing in Europe. Why did Tommy Robinson go to jail? I've written about that as well. Tommy went to jail, a few times, for exposing the problems with open borders. They're opening borders in America. Mexicans in Mexico are against the invasion as well. They're in Tijuana, protesting. The asylum seekers refused help from Mexico & other countries. They are coming into the United States of America (USA) with their own flags. They're burning our flags. They want our country to die. Leftists sing & yell, "No borders, no wall, no USA at all." They don't want America and they want to go to America at the same time. They're destroying our country. Patriots are rising in Brazil & in countries around the world. We are trying to take back our countries. Join us if you haven't already. I'm a big fan of zombie The Walking Dead (TWD) & spoiler alert, skin-wearing whispering snake demons stabbed Jesus in the back in the same way Soros & others stab us in the back. China has been taking over technocrats. When you take Jesus out of the show, out of schools, bad things happen.

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