Gun Debate

In this video, Millennial Millie Weaver asks people in Texas at SXSW about the Guns-Free sign and some liked it and some not so much as criminals will do what they do and normal people follow rules and laws more often than antagonists and guns are more expensive in Australia bu is on the black market and bigger wolves get guns and Australia is developing drug problems which results in deaths and so many die from fires, arson, in Australia, and so many die from abortion and other things more than they do from guns.

One girl battled with Millie and said she liked the no-guns sign and said so many people do not know how to use guns and makes things less safe but then said we do not want too many police to have guns and that she hates Trump but that she wants Trump to have guns and that Germany had the education thing in 1930's where they had reeducation camps like they did in Cambodia and Vietnam and so it is like we are to have guns and not to have guns? We should teachers have guns or not? We should protect our first and second amendments as Americans? After stealing our second amendment, will the left then come after our first amendment of free speech, of freedoms of hate speech, free speech, religions, press, land ownership rights, privacy rights, as the left did in Germany and Canada and Australia and China and Cuba and North Korea and many countries and also in the Roman Empire and more?

History Prohibition?

2018-03-17 Saturday 08:20 PM LMS: Gun Debate

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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