Going After Us

You're next. Sing the song.

Apple moved to China. Infowars Alex Jones is the test patient for what they're trying to do to the west. Here is an awesome rap song here all about it from August 2017, last summer. Globalism is trying to destroy humanity, sovereignty, individualism, life, love, freedoms, choices, ownership, privacy. (Steemit.com)

Alex Jones Rusty Cage Folk Song maxresdefault.jpg

The roof is on fire?

Specifically, as they try to burn down America with the help of globalism, Islam, communism, centralization, apathy, socialism, fatalism, technocracy, corporatism, Big Pharma, plutocracy, monopolism, Luciferianism, witchcraft. (Infowars.com)

Alex Jones Folk Song

Instagram Banned Tommy Robinson (PrisonPlanet.com)
Independent voices flee to Gab, Minds, Steemit, Bitchute, as Twitter blacklists

Banning Free Thoughts?

They're banning independent, conservative, classically liberal, voices, journalists, YouTubers, Facebookers, bloggers, vloggers. (NaturalNews.com)

The Alex Jones Show

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2018, August 6th, Monday

This video was already removed by YouTube.

The Alex Jones Show

2018, August 7th, Tuesday

Alex Jones Memes are full of brilliance & omniscience.

What if Alex Jones was Alexa?

Facebook, YouTube, etc, allow porn, violence, etc.

They ban Alex, conservatives, etc, while allowing violence, murder, porn, child porn, hate speech, death threats, by Jihadists, by gangs, by terrorists, ISIS, Antifa, by all kinds of people around the world, on socialistic, progressively liberal, democratic, left, anti-social lamestream media networks like Facebook, Apple iTunes, Alphabet Google YouTube, maybe Twitter, Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft, and others.

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