Try this contrast for size.

The only thing worse than Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) is Politically Mortified Opinions (PMO) which has been forced-fed to humanity for ages, both to the Democratic and Republican parties in America for example through a combination of infiltration tactics, AKA Propaganda.

Changing Times

The Republican Party morphed into the Rhino Grand Old Party and the Democratic Party were originally more aligned with Classical Liberalism as opposed to Socialism. I'm both right and left, politically, and we all can be.

Up Versus Down

But our enemy, the PMO, which created GMO, is neither left or right and is actually down from our up towards progress. They have been redefining these terms to divide & conquer us. Soros, Rothschild, Disney, Microsoft, and others, are part of the PMO.

Mission in Life

My mission in life is in education in telling people about the NWO, the PMO, creatively, to share the news, history, problems, questions, concerns, but also answers, solutions, hope, purpose, joy, and a Hell of a lotta Green Original Oatmeal.

Monopoly Education

Primarily, PMO centers on monopolistic education, in the curriculum, chiefly in the department of science, especially in regards to where we as humans may or may not be from. PMO promotes the Big Bang and Evolution in general but refuses to tolerate any doubt of that, any questions, any form of diversity which exists in historical science which is mostly speculative as we were not there. Science is Natural Philosophy and Religion is Supernatural Philosophy.

Awesome Assumptions?

When scientists make theories, predictions, claims, stories, ideas, on what happened in the past, they do so on assumptions that the past followed the same patterns we observe today. If true, then their theories may be true as well. There can be a possibility for them to be right and there is also a possibility for them to be wrong. PMO does not allow people the freedom to think, say, feel, do, and believe in whatever people may choose, freely, and to talk about it, to debate about it, to question the establishment, to rebel, to live freely.

Satanic Media

PMO is also inside Hollywood, entertainment, in Satanic media, and especially in anti-social media networks, ghettos, and they work their Disney magic everywhere they go, everywhere they touch.


Together, we can reduce PMO and GMO. I'm eating from GMO-free gardens and PMO-free Steemit. Delicious to the last drop. Aint nothing better, L4OJ, GYJO.

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