Get Fiber Optics, Not 5G WIFI

Do it with a smile on your face, with laugh.

Got something important to share?

Make a funny music video about it.
Write a poem about it.

Doing so makes it spread ten times more.
In the past, people tried too hard.

When you take yourself too seriously, you fail.
Cool down, smile, & tell them what they need to know.

5G for example is worse than sticking your head in a microwave.

I'm not your Boo Boo.
I'm Ra Ra Roo Roo.

Oh, Ra Ra was the name of my guinea pig.
I wrote a song about that.

Each day, I learn things that would nuke your brain up.
Like more than the WIFI does.

By the way, why not wire your place with fiber optics?
It will clear up your head.

Big tech bosses live in the country.
They keep tech from their own kids.

They are turning us all into the Walking Dead.

Can we write songs about the Chem Trails?

Can we make memes about Google?

Google kicked out some people out of their store.

Police came there in a second on our tax dollars.

Where were the police when they needed them in Chicago?

Or during the school shootings?

Or Las Vegas?

Or all those times in Europe?

Garden Time!

I Spend most of my time working in my gardens.

What about you?

Video Time!

Here are some videos below about 5G and related things.

What are your favorite videos and websites?

Get Fiber Optics, Not 5G WIFI

2018-05-15 Tuesday 09:13 PM LMS: FIBER OVER 5G
Published at 10:17 PM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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