Sky Elephant?

What's that white line in the sky, why is my solar panel getting less sun energy during sunny days, why is California on fire, how can there be less rain when temperature rises?

Getting hot in here?

The hotter it gets, the more it rains, because heat activates evaporation which creates rain clouds which leads to more rainfall as we all know. How can we get less rain even as it gets hotter?


These are questions we can ask each other. Believe it or not, many people are not talking about these questions, about these things which we can see all around the world.


Many things are happening around the world, all of the time, but what is more important than our world in the first place? Why do good when you can do better? Why not talk about our planet more? Can we live without her, Mother Earth?

Why is the earth dying?

If you already know how our planet is dying, then why not make a video about it? Why not sing a song about it? Why not red pill people to look up at the sky like I did when I was ten years old in the Oregon Sky?

Not Chem-Trails?

The reason why we shouldn't we call it "Chem-Trails" is the same reason we shouldn't call a person racist, for example. In other words, when people Google, search, lookup, and investigates it, they will find a bunch of fake news, a bunch websites, articles, videos, that call it a conspiracy theory, a crazy thing, a lie, or whatever.

Which Terms?

That is why we should do our best to use scientific terms to describe things to help people get to the root, the foundation, of what we are talking about. Take the time to define term with people who don't know what is up. Just look up, pun intended, into the sky, to see what is up is up. We can call it Geoengineering.

What is Geoengineering?

Geo means earth. So, Geo-Engineering involves Greenhouse Gas Removal and Solar Energy Killing Blockade.

Who is behind Geoengineering?

Rothschild, Soros, world bankers, globalists, socialists, and others, are destroying our planet financially through centralized money, politically through fake news, socially through Hollyweird (Hollywood), through control freak entertainment, education, science, and especially through geoengineering. Why not Geo Red Pill people?

What is Geo Red Pilling?

Like red pilling people towards asking questions against governmental official stories, narratives, and so on, Geo Red Pilling means to red pill people towards asking the greater questions about our own planet.

No future?

We will not have a future if we do not do our best to take care of it. If we care about the Paris Climate Accord, global warming, climate change, climate cooling, then why not write more about these things? Why not watch the debates on YouTube and on other websites? Real global warming, or whatever you want to call it, is caused by globalists who spray chemicals and things into the air, the soil, the food, through radio waves, 5G, microwaves, through so many things.


By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in August of 2018

2018-08-04 Saturday 08:19 AM LMS | Geoengineering
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