Flagged For Welcoming New Users


Too Friendly

- 05:48 AM - Monday - 2019-01-28 - I'm being flagged, downvoted, my comments, my posts, because what I write appears to be spam due to what appears to be repetition. I say hello to new fish, the new users, on Steem, on Steemit, on Busy, this website, this blockchain, in their introduction posts, articles, blogs. I tell them what I think about them. I might say that a man, a woman, a girl, a boy, a person, is great, good, awesome, beautiful, handsome, lovely, interesting, smart, strong, and so on. Eventually, you end up using the same words over and over again because there are thousands of people out there but only so many words left to describe them. Just think about how many times you might have asked somebody how they are doing. Well, I got on a naughty list by @Patrice and his @mack-bot and @mack-botjr bots, automatically. I told @spaminator and @steemcleaner and @Cheetah and @FreezePeach and @InformationWar about this. I also told people on Discord. I've been accused of all types of things online over the years, so this has not been the first time I've been in an oatmeal bowl of controversial. An Information War Meeting. In this post, I just wanted to raise awareness of this issue. I'm probably not the only person getting attacked by automated flagging bots and everything. But regardless, either way, I wanted people to see and recognize what is happening.

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Flagged For Simplicity

- 06:14 AM - Flagged Possibilities - You can be flagged for stealing and copying other people's work, allegedly, subjectively speaking on a case by case basis, subjectively, not objectively, relatively speaking, to some extent, similar to the way videos are flagged on YouTube and similar to how Tweets are flagged on Twitter and similar to how posts are flagged on Facebook and the list goes on. There are differences. Things are not said to be not removed from Steemit. That's the difference between Facebook and Steemit. Regardless, for me, right now, @mack-botjr is automatically flagging or downvoting my comments - One user was flagged ten times - Flagging 101 - Purposes Behind Flags - Flagged by Cheetah - Finding Solutions - Copy Past Magic - Flagging Magic Art

Flagged For Welcoming New Users

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