Facebook Sued by Investors

Are they thinking ahead at all?

Life is like a big game of poker and deep state is exposing themselves more and more, each day, through & by white papers, books, videos, documents, and for more info on all this, look at #Wikileaks, #QAnon, #Veritas, #Infowars, #Drudge, #RealNews, @Cernovich, @Stefan.Molyneux, and more.

Please let people know and ask them if they know how many billions of dollars that Facebook and YouTube and others are losing and even more is coming, potentially, and that is good. Censorship is rising and rising but we bypass them as we get angry like the Incredible Hulk Pop-Eye eating oatmeal and garlic as we spread links and videos of the things we believe in that we are passionate about to people in the ghetto networks of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Disney, Oprah, Hollywood, and more.

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War on Free Speech

2018-03-21 Wednesday 11:06 AM LMS: Facebook Sued by Investors
Published at 11:25 AM PST LMS JA
Email: joeyarnoldvn@gmail.com

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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