Facebook = Communism

Facebook could be one of the greatest all-time scams out there in this world. Let me tell you why and how Facebook is a scam. Let me explain how Facebook is communism so to speak. Let me paint you a picture of how it all works.

Facebook Silences Your Mouth - Health Ranger Steemit Pic.jpeg
Will people even have mouths in the future?

Facebook = Communism

Published - 2019-09-29 - Sunday - 02:04 AM LMS - PDT

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in September of 2019

What if your web browser stopped you from visiting certain websites?

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Life Log

Once upon a time, Facebook came out of nowhere and was founded on the same day that DARPA's Pentagon terminated Life Log back in 2004-02-04, that is February 4th. Let me tell you more about this fairytale story.

cartoon president alex jones
What is the Insurrection Act?

Facebook World

What is Facebook? Well, Facebook is like a virtual online country. Now, they encouraged over two billion people to become citizens of this Internet Nation.

copyright brains
Can they copyright our brains?


Originally, who were allowed to join? Well, only college students. But later on, they opened it up to everybody which includes murderers, etc.

Facebook Utopia

Specifically, Facebook was promoted as a perfect utopia, a Smart Google Super City, a place where a kid can be a kid (Toys "R" Us).

Platform For All Ideas

See, Mark Zuckerberg used to say that Facebook is a place for all ideas. Originally, there appeared to be no limit to what you can do on Facebook.

Facebook Equality

So, Facebook was promoting this idea of how everybody is equal. So, basically, people began uploading videos, photos, etc.

Unlimited Resources, Allegedly

Generally speaking, there appeared to be no limit to what could be uploaded. So, all of this costs money.

Bernie Sanders Facebook

But, see, it was free. Allegedly, socialism and communism appears to be free as well. That's the crazy thing. So, most humans on earth began developing certain habits on the social ghetto networks.

Making People Dumb Again

Psychologically, it was changing people. So, over time, you begin forgetting how the real world works. You begin to feel like you are more entitled.

Banned Video

You begin forgetting about other websites, said Alex Jones of Banned.Video. You begin applying your newly found Facebook Principles to the real world.

Facebook Safe Spaces

Facebook started building a Wall-E world for us original green oatmeal people. We began sitting in those chairs. We began sipping that Soy-Boy Kool-Aid of deception. We began getting fat. We then would go offline looking for real-life Safe Spaces on college campuses, etc.

Fake World vs Real Life

So, you begin feeling like things in the real world should be as free as the Facebook World. Same thing for Google, YouTube, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Yahoo, etc.

Online Welfare

See, Facebook is a form of welfare that was funded by the government via our tax dollars. So, we become accustomed to the boiling pond as the gay Racist Deplorable frogs that we are. We are being boiled alive. We begin looking for Facebook Welfare in the real world, in real life (IRL). Kanye West and Scott Adams are right that we are being drugged out as slaves. We are on a virtual democratic plantation that is harvesting 1984 leftist NPC Borg Bots of death.

Changing Perception

So, slowly over time, these tech tyrants begin to change how people see the world. It costs money to host videos. It takes disk space inside the hard drives. It can take RAM, CPU, power, time, bandwidth, etc.

Free Everything?

This stuff is not free, generally. But people become complacent over time. They feel as if this is the norm. Facebook has been pulling people into a one world government in many regards.

Communist Facebook Land

So, Facebook is like a Communist Country. It starts out as free.

Bait & Switch

But then, they start cutting off your hands when you steal.

Sharia Law

Only thing worse is when you yell out hate speech, fake news, etc, they say. They have been conditioning us. I just came up with this idea a few minutes ago while in the shower. Some of my best ideas come while I'm taking a shower.

Obama Care

Facebook is like Obama Care. Facebook is like a redistribution of wealth, allegedly. Facebook has been throwing people into Nazi Death Camps, AKA timeouts.

Murdering Millions

Communist China has killed like 100 million people in the 1900's A.D. Probably more than that. See, it starts out good. It looks good on the outside.


Eventually, they begin to crack down on things. Communism is a contrast to free market capitalism. Facebook is like a reeducation FEMA camp.

Brain Destroyer

Facebook is messing with our brains. Next up is the brain phones in 2020. Well, some already have these computer chips inside of their brains, foreheads, hands, etc, right now in 2019, this current year all over the world.


Facebook was designed to depress people. Facebook has changed in some ways over the years. But Facebook does take our data and sell it. Facebook reads our private messages. Facebook is like communism in so many ways.

Private Property

Facebook has been blurring the line between private and public property. See, as people use Facebook, they begin forgetting the value of private property rights.

Platform vs Publisher

Facebook has claimed to be a publisher and a platform at the same time and that claim violates Safe Harbor Law, liability protection, etc. It's complex and simple. It's a long story. Social media is enticing some people to give in to the propaganda of socialism, communism, universal basic income (UBI), the Obama Robin Hood Redistribution of the Wealth, etc.

Your Website

If you had a website, you could charge an uploading fee. So, for example, it could be $1 per 1 TB (Terabyte). Why? Because a video is like a person. See, a website is like an apartment. As the website owner, you're like the landlord. Watching a video is like flying in an airplane to Hong Kong to watch the protests. Stefan Molyneux went there and made a documentary. See, watching a video is a service. So, videos have to be stored somewhere. When they are played, that can take bandwidth, power, time, resources, RAM, cache, CPU, HDD, etc. Resources are limited.

Unlimited Resources

The more we use social networks, the more we feel like resources are unlimited. Now, technically, if you wanted to let people upload videos to your website for free, then you can do that. But that should be the same as letting people stay the night in your house. But then they try to live in your house forever. They don't want to leave. They don't want to buy their own houses. They want to rent apartments and cars. They want other people to drive them. So, they hop inside a Taxi cab or Uber. They begin to drift away from private property priorities. That destroys civilization. Over time, like I said, it begins to make people feel like everything must be free.

Facebook Ghetto

Facebook got everybody together. That can be good but it has been bad because they weaponize it all to program people towards desiring safety over freedom. People prefer safety. So, Facebook rewards you to stay on Facebook. So, peer pressure reinforces that preference. It became normal to be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Multi-culturalism vs MONO-culturalism

It promotes monoculturalism while pretending to promote multiculturalism.

soros trump brothers
Is Soros & Trump brothers?

Your Website

You should probably charge some fees or set some limits. See, if you don't, then you run into all kinds of problems. Well, unless if you have the money to sustain all of it no matter how big it might get. Facebook would have been fine if they didn't go back to violate their contract with their users. Well, technically, Facebook has been changing and modifying their terms and services over the years, legally speaking in order to gradually dance out of real jail.

face red book
How many accounts did Red Book ban today?


Social tech cartels are becoming our parents. So, Facebook is destroying families.

vampire mark
Is Facebook promoting terrorism and communism? | Satanic | Karl | Brazil

Open Borders

Facebook promotes open borders by making people feel, emotionally speaking, like borders have no values online and therefore even less value offline.

Greta Real Adult.png
Is she the only real adult around here? | Lee


Facebook tricks some people into being more welcoming of some offline communism because they grew up with the freedom to have free unlimited uploading potential.

Greta Pirate Soros.jpeg
Have you seen these Greta Memes? | Color Killer

Pounding Selfish Hearts

When they are taught about communism, on a subliminal level, there is some subconscious correlation between Facebook and communism that pounds at their selfish hearts.

facebook communism symbol smile mark
Have you been to Soviet Facebook?

AOC Greta

So, some of them begin to grow up to become AOC Greta. How dare you!

incitement to violence
What is hate speech? | Pho Amazon

Mind Control

For more information on how they are brain washing humans, globally, towards globalism, communism, etc, etc, through Facebook, 5G, geoengineering, vaccines, go research MK Ultra or click here.

Facebook = Communism

11:10 PM - IWA - Click here to follow the thread on the Secret Frog Forum.

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