Don't Talk To Me

You Are Abusing Me.

That is what the Fart Whistle Queen said today to Owen Shroyer during the March For Lives protest today, 2018, March 24th, Saturday, in Austin, Texas, USA. You can find these protests in other cities in America as well.

Protests against inanimate objects.

Can we talk about it?

In this video for example, Owen asks people what they think, feel, do, and believe. Normally, people on the left yell or say nothing as they have nothing left. So often, when you ask liberals why they are marching, many can't answer. Now, some tend to think we need more gun control. The Talk Nazi came by to tell people again and again not to talk to Owen. Do, we want to get rid of the first and second American Amendments?

Do you see the Cult Leader Woman?

Freedoms Attacked

2018-03-24 Saturday 03:40 PM LMS: Don't Talk To Me
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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Laws Are Not Principles

Most people don't know the differences between laws and principles. Many people think that laws are fortune cookies that may or may not be applied however we may or may not want it to be applied. However, laws are normally designed to be like contracts, more direct, like the contracts found here in and other decentralized blockchain cryptocurrency social networks and systems that are more transparent and direct and to the point and rules and laws can and should be more like that. But some people say the United States of America (USA) Constitution is more of a living document, he laws, that can be reapplied and reinterpreted and everything.

Is the U.S. Constitution a Living Document?

These are the debates we can have. You can always try your best to ask people good questions and that is the heart of civilization. For more info on that and on philosophy, please go check out @Stefan.Molyneux.

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