DIstrACTion Heaven

We may not always see the ACT within the distrACTions of life, in life, through life, from life, around life, and magicians do that all the time, and we can think about what they may not be telling us and we can look at the context, the content, to see what they're trying to hide from us as we connect dots to see bigger pictures, perspectives, illumination. Grew up in a small city of less than 20K people in Oregon (was born in 1985) and lived around farms, forest, smaller communities with hard-working Americans.

Racism was not a thing I thought about as a kid. I didn't think about the color of somebody's skin. We thought about their content over color. Grew up around some guns, knives, which are tools that help us defend against people in order to help us protect ourselves and to protect family, friends, staff, customers, neighbors, students. We the people decide what kind of community we want, right?

We make the world better one oatmeal at a time through asking questions, through raising awareness of problems and of solutions, options, choices, alternatives, especially natural remedies. We get involved in elections, in voting, in getting involved politically, educationally, and even comically as well like Louder With Crowder and Redacted Tonight which YouTube says is funded like by Russia in a bad way or something.

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Media Wars on Our Minds

2018-03-21 Wednesday 03:22 PM LMS: DIstrACTion Heaven
Published at 3:50 PM PST LMS
Email: joeyarnoldvn@gmail.com

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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