Corporate Collusion

Within 12 hours, they all took him down.

Do we want government to regulate anti-social media tech giants, corporations, or do we want to promote the competition, marketplace of ideas, all in the name of profit, of making money, of doing better, for the sake of free market capitalism?


On Monday, the sixth of August, 2018, in a 12 hour period, Alex Jones and other people, of Infowars, were scrubbed, purged, removed, banished, terminated, completely, from Facebook, Alphabet Google YouTube, Apple iTunes, YouPorn, Pinterest, Spotify, etc. Some hours later, that expanded to Linkedin, Disqus, Mailchimp.

Infowars tech grow from gov

Federal Control?

Obama was trying to introduce this net neutrality thing which was all about federal government control, regulation, tyranny, over the Internet. For years, people have tried to promote it in the name of equality, communism, socialism, welfare, fairness, or whatever you want to call it. Younger people tend to reject capitalism, more so.

10% Capitalism or less?

Sadly, America has only had 10% of capitalism or maybe much less. We've had crony capitalism. We've had too much centralized, federalized, government, in the United States of America (USA) for too long. But even with only 10% free markets, we've done better than the rest of the world by so much.

Alex Jones, banned from all airlines.

There are two things to consider in this situation.

First, you can consider what Alex Jones did, what he does, what he has been doing since 1996 or so. He has been pretty consistent, whether you like him or not, Alex has been doing his thing for over twenty years on radio, then later on television and on the Internet. Alex has been on Facebook, YouTube, from the very beginning, for many years now.

Why not before?

If Alex was so bad, why didn't they get rid of Alex before? Alex redpilled me in 2016 and I've been watching him ever since. Government has been infiltrated by globalism. Alex talks about agenda 21, Agenda 2030, which is all about depopulation, a new world order.

Gay Frogs

Evil people are trying to make more people gay, confused, and everything. People hate Alex for saying that frogs are turning gay. But they are turning gay. They're destroying families.

Sandy Hook?

Is Sandy Hook real or not real? Good question, but life is not that simple. What happened was many things all at the same time. Did people die at Sandy Hook? Maybe some did. Were there actors? Maybe some actors. Maybe some actors died. Maybe some non-actors died. Life is full of many things. But the left were behind it because they're trying to take our guns, AKA our independence, sovereignty, security, defense, power, freedom, rights, privacy, and more importantly, our future.

Once Upon a Time?

We don't live in a fairy tale. What happened in 9/11? That is another big question. It is not my story and I don't totally know, says Lionel Media Nation, but Alex Jones promotes having an open mind. Alex interviews many people with different opinions. But the fake news then say that Alex believes and says whatever his guests may say or think or whatever. Some people are only reading the headlines. So, they look at the talking points and they don't look behind the curtain of the lies.

Why now?

First, we can talk about Alex. However, secondly, more importantly, we can talk about why they try to ban Alex and other people, which includes me and Ojawall. The left has been trying to ban Alex, more and more. The tech giants are left and the left are left with nothing left but to ban Alex. Why are they banning Alex? That is the question. It didn't start on Monday. Alex is part of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement. Alex is a Deplorable. Alex has been exposing globalism, Big Pharma, geoengineering, tyranny, and helped free Tommy Robinson, etc.

Fox News Hit Piece on Alex Jones and of Infowars

Tech Giant not only bans Alex but also other shows from his network, other people, their videos, over twenty years worth of videos, as in tens of thousands of videos, which includes David Knight, the Real News, Owen Shroyer, the War Room, Roger Stone, Mike Adams, the Counter Think show, Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneux, President Donald Trump, Joy Villa, and thousands of other people.


Congress has been investigating Twitter. Maybe that is why Twitter didn't ban Alex at the moment, because they're under a microscope.

Threatening Advertisers?

Early in 2017, the left were threatening advertisers, if their ads appeared near Alex Jones and Infowars. Beyond that, the left has been censoring, shadow banning, terminating, stocking, & harassing conservatives and independents, for many years, online and offline, all around the world.

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