Civil Disobedience is an Excuse For More Tyranny

Globalists want civil disobedience as a guise for accelerating more implemented authoritarianism over humans around the world. So, patriots should not disobey in isolation. As a last resort, Americans should do peaceful (NON-VIOLENT) protests, rallies, at the White House in the United States for example. And there is safety in numbers.

Safety in Numbers

You should stay in large groups in order to keep corrupt police from trying to isolate you. But at the same, we should think long-term. We must vote. We must try to share what we know with others.

Value in Education

We must try to ask people questions and try to help new people see how government can grow like cancer. Life is like a game of chess. So, be smart. Be wise. We are living in a transitional period in world history and it can go either way right now.

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