Centralized Pre-Crime Intelligence

Remember that film named Minority Report?

They had this special centralized processing computer unit (CPU or PreCogs) which went through the Internet, through everything, through the minds of people on earth, to determine who would potentially do crime or other bad things or whatever that they didn't want them to do.

Like Censorship?

The Minority Report movie was set in as a possible future in the year 2054 A.D. where pre-crime or Thought Crimes or Hate Speech was to be deemed illegal. Police arrested people years before they were to commit crimes and then they stick them into prison in the Matrix, stuck in their Hologram, their own Virtual Reality (VR).

Stuck in a Facebook Prison?

Who Determines Good & Bad?

Morality can be defined subjectively or objectively. But can people be objective enough without bias, hypocrisy, or other problems? Do we want government to become too big, too central, as they determine who is mentally fit and who is mentally insane? Do we want governments and computers to decide what you can and cannot say and do and everything?

Minority Report Leads Towards The Matrix?

The Matrix films is focused on a future where artificial intelligence (A.I.), robots, take over the earth. They stick people into pods as if they were Borg in the Hive Collection. In the Minority Report, alleged criminals were jacked into the virtual reality matrix. The only difference with the Matrix is that everybody was plugged into that same Matrix. In the Wall-E animated film, instead of being jacked into the Matrix, everybody was in a Spaceship Matrix where they were all fat. The President said that he didn't want to just survive, he wanted to live.

Do we want to survive or do we want to live?

Wanna Live?

We are already there?

What if I told you that Google was seed funded by the CIA and NSA? Long story short, Facebook is too and that is why we go to Steemit and Gab and other decentralized networks. Many people do not want government to continue in getting bigger like they did in Total Recall or in the Men In Black (MIB) or in the X-Files or Wall-E or Minority Report or others.

We are stopping it. Join us.

Centralized Pre-Crime Intelligence

2018-05-21 Monday 09:47 AM LMS: Centralized Pre-Crime Intelligence
Written By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 10:58 AM

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Facebook & Twitter Banned Me For Posting This Hitler Photo

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