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Here are some of the things I saw in Black Mirror 103: The Entire History of You and some things I didn't see. How much of this is already in our world? Will we see Brain TiVo Chips installed in our brains before 2030? Are thousands of people already getting chip implants?

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The Entire History of You

This episode is all about Young lawyer Liam Foxwell (Toby Kebbell) and his wife. Liam leaves a work appraisal. He reviews that interview via his Brain TiVo computer chip system (THE GRAIN) that records his whole life, everything he sees and hears. He goes to the security check point at the airport. The security guard tells him to show him his whole week in rewind, in "Re-do." So, they spy on him and on everybody. They look at his personal life, at everything he sees and hears. They look at it and verifies and confirms it all. After that, they let him through the security checkpoint. Liam returns home to his wife and to some random people. One man (Jonas, not Jonah) was talking to his wife when he got there. He kept on reviewing it in his brain TiVo machine.

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He studied what this guy said.

Liam found out that Jonas was his wife's boyfriend some years ago and that they might have had an affair, maybe before they mere married and that Liam may not even be the father to their baby. So, he goes over to that guy's house to force him to delete some Brain TiVo video files on a television on the Back To The Future II Windows. Liam threatened to kill Jonas. Jonah's girlfriend called 911. They told her to show the Brain TiVo Live Feed of the crime. She was ungrained, unhooked. She already gauged herself of that mark of the grain beast. So, as soon as she said she didn't have a Grain, they hanged up. They refused to help because she didn't have the grain, the mark. Liam got Jonah to delete files. Liam was drunk. Liam left and crashed his car. Later on, Liam yells at his wife. He goes crazy over all of it. His wife cries. He forces her to show him when she had sex with that guy. He asked if he used a condom. Maybe not. They used their memories against each other. She replayed when Liam called her a bitch. he said that was out of context and that he meant sometimes. But she kept on replaying it. You can delete files which cause you to forget those memories. So, it's like it replaces your brain. At the end, he dug out the TiVo chip out of his brain. Will we have this in 2030 or before that? The answer is sooner. Actually, it is beginning to happen already. Thousands of people already have chips in their brains and in their hands. There are also similar chips inside Apple, Microsoft, IBM, etc, etc, and Android phones, computers, devices, etc. So, it's already worse than we already know. By the way, the Grain has Facebook Face Recognition. So, it identifies the people you see just like Facebook does right now when you upload photos.

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Remote Access

I told you what I saw but let me tell you what I didn't see in that episode. First, I didn't see people access Brain TiVo files remotely. Remember what happened with Facetime? Did you see that bug? Did you hear about Apple Backdoors? Governments, technocrats, globalists, and corporate giants, have required backdoors in technology, computers, phones, devices, machines, tablets. Why wouldn't a Brain TiVo have remote access? You can see that it connects to monitors wirelessly, via maybe Bluetooth, WIFI, etc. Couldn't you be able to send files from brain to brain? Wouldn't you be able to hack into your wife's brain remotely? Wouldn't governments and others be able to do that? The episode focused on the emotional aspect, the psychological outlook, to having these brain chips. One girl said she pulled her chip out and that she felt better for it. Even the baby had the chip and the mother would watch everything that the baby saw each day. The episode shows some problems with having these brain chips, emotionally speaking, socially, speaking, but the show doesn't address other related issues which are much worse. One, 1984 is personified in the episode. There was a lot of tyranny control in that world. If they don't like something that you did, something that they see or hear from your life, they can stop you from buying and selling. Do you know how many people are getting banned from using PayPal in our world? Do you know how many millions of people are banned from travel via planes, buses, planes, in China? Did you see how Internet Tax is coming to the world, first through England, through Europe, with the help of the European Union (EU) tyranny through the veil of stopping free porn (NSFW) in order to get conservatives to support Internet censorship? Do you know that websites like Porn Hub and others will begin this on the first of April of 2019 and that it will only grow from that? Did you know that government is beginning to regulate and then distribute pornography and all kinds of things in the name of monopolism and tyranny and globalism and Agenda 2030 and depopulation programs and other things as well? So, here are my questions. These are some of the things I didn't really see in that episode. The good news is that shows and movies like that can partly red pill and awaken people to what is happening in the world. Sadly for others, it adds gamification to such bias. Some people choose not to believe in reality, in truth, in seeing how bad the world is. Technology is good but we got to look at the controllers, the backdoors, the centralization of many things in the world. Black markets can be good when it opposes globalism and all of these things. Hypothetically, brain chips can be good. The problem is that the chips can cause health concerns like tattoos do. More than that, chips are controlled by others and not by you, generally, because of the backdoors and because you can't really turn it off. Beyond that even, 5G can be used to radiate into those chips. Even without the chip, 5G is dangerous at higher frequencies, meaning government can turn it up to target and murder whoever they want. The good news is that you can watch some YouTube videos on building things to block 5G radiation. So, what do you think about all of this?

Tracking Technology

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They're trying to control us like they did in Dollhouse and like they did in Wall-E and especially like they did in the Matrix. Long story short, there are competing globalism modules that are competing against each other towards Pinky & the Brain and Power Ranger's Rita Repulsa global control. Different factions of the globalists are competing against each other. They generally pretend to work each other even as they stab each other in the back. Islam is taking over the world. Catholicism is taking over the world. China is taking over the world. Big Pharma is taking over the world. Tech giants are taking over the world. World bankers are taking over the world. Many different groups are trying to take over the world in a variety of ways and have been for centuries. It's important to show people what's happening and to show them a way out. What's the way out? Blockchain social networks like Steemit is our way out. Promoting Infowars is a very big way out of letting tyranny run us over. Globalists are underestimating you. They think you are too dumb to care or too busy or too drugged out and too tired to reverse course. You can prove them wrong. How? Simply by making daily goals in learning about the real global problems each day. Try to find some information and pass it on. For example, Click here to see new breaking news. You can spend five minutes once a month, at least, looking at some of these articles, these posts, that people are writing. You could spend a few minutes reading them. After that, you could pass it on. You could share it with others. That's how we win. If not, you could just give up and let the globalist stick things in your brain, in your body. What are you going to do?

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Brain TiVo

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