Bitcoin VS Monkey Rocket

Governmental agencies, like the NSA for example, since at least 2013 (if not longer than that), has been tracking and has been trying their best to track people, computers, companies, devices, things related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain networks, which includes Steem, Steemit, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more, because Rothschild, the NWO, and deep state is trying to stop us as we learn how to be more independent in life.

After buying Bitcoin myself in 2017, it seems that my computer would get slower. Last year, bought a plane ticket using Bitcoin as I returned from Vietnam back to the United States, my home country, on Thanksgiving Day 2017, and they retained me in California for hours like they did to Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, and others in England in 2018. We are in global wars with deep state, globally, in so many ways, but we are winning and not whining like liberals. For more info on how we win, go talk to @Cernovich.

Monkey Rocket

The NSA, through Monkey Rocket, has been trying their best to steal Bitcoin passwords and the physical identification numbers (MAC addresses) of the computers and devices and things which are using and which are involved in Bitcoin transactions and everything.

Dear readers, spread the news of the good and bad things happening each day and do what you believe in doing. For example, I believe in blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies, I love it, and i will continue to learn more about it and I will continue to invest in only what I can afford to lose into different assets and cryptocurrencies which are full of risks and I will do my best to learn how to have more gardens and natural remedies and oatmeal and garlic and laughter and more diversity of people and things and everything and you can do it too and you can do what you want and what you love and that is how we win against deep state and globalists and/or anybody opposed to more freedoms/ choices/ property rights/ human rights/ privacy/ liberties/ etc....... and less government/ taxes/ regulations/ terrorism/ control/ and much more......

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War on Money

2018-03-21 Wednesday 10:06 AM LMS: Bitcoin VS Monkey Rocket
Published at 10:28 AM PST LMS JA:

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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