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Here are some videos, articles, links, discussions, related to this topic here. Please let us know where you stand on all of this. It's important to know the different arguments for and against Bitcoin Taxation. Isn't Bitcoin stateless? Can a stateless thing be taxable? Is Bitcoin the same as a stock? You know that John McAfee says it's not like a stock?

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Stateless Bitcoin

The Bitcoin whitepaper was published in 2008, which was ten years ago. Bitcoin was basically the first cryptocurrency ever. By default, a cryptocurrency is decentralized (stateless), generally. Bitcoin, for example, has not been centrally controlled, by one person. Bitcoin has not been managed, exclusively, solely, merely, only, by a corporation. Bitcoin has not been a stock by design. Bitcoin was not created by central banks or governed by government, plutocracy, monopolism, technocracy, corporatism, or even tyranny. People generally say that we don't know the exact identity of the alleged founder of Bitcoin. Do you prefer centralized Rothschild money (debt)?

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