Bill of Rights

Constitutional Chaos?

Are rights given to us by government, by God, or what? What is your favorite article (amendment)? Can the first amendment exist without the second amendment? Do they have a first amendment in England? Tommy, for example?

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Bill of Rights - Memory Game

Tommy Robinson

He was talking to his friends, in the U.K., outside of a courtroom during a public Children Trafficking trial, & Tommy was sent to prison about 4 hours after that, even as murderers, criminals, rapists, continue to live trial-free for years. E.U. Bans Memes? Hitler Dog Man Imprisoned.

Death of Europe

In Europe, the E.U. and the N.W.O. are arresting people who are too independent, funny, intuitive, philosophical, relevant. Would guns help people? Actually, if you don't know, guns do help people, so much, more than we know, in so many ways.

Dtube Video -

First Amendment

Congress Shall Not Prohibit The Freedom of Speech

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Hitler Dog Prohibition

A man made a joke with dog and was imprisoned for it. Who decides what is good or bad, what is hate speech, spam, terrorism, offensive, immoral, illegal, unethical, not safe, not appropriate, not acceptable, fake, right, wrong, acceptable, and are people bias or perfect? Should we all be forced into the same religion or non-religion, or should we all have the freedom of speech, religion, press, privacy, property rights, ownership, choices, decisions, freedoms, liberties, freewill?

Who Draw The Lines?

The first amendment seeks to protect the freedom of speech which includes hate speech, spam, content, or whatever which may be considered to be unsafe, terrorizing, or what have you, right? Do you agree? Where do we draw the line? Who draws the line? How do we stop Government from doing what Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, & others, did? What did they do? They stole guns from We The People.

Fragmented Foundation?

I've included videos and also links in this article, this Steemit post, to many different things and to the constitution and also links to the first amendment on the freedom of speech. Currently, there seems to be 27 amendments or articles. The second amendment deals with the right to bear arms, the 4th talks about privacy, and the tenth amendment deals with the balance of power: that unreserved federal power is to be returned back to local government and/or, moreover, ultimately, also to the people of those local communities, those town halls. People should always seeks for the balance of powers, especially as government grows too big. That is why we have guns.

Pinky & The Brain

Global shadow governments, funded by Soros, the NWO, the EU, the UN, and by others, have been destroying, destabilizing, countries all around the world for centuries and specifically a whole lot in the past few decades in order to rule the world more and more. Patriots, people like you and me, are countering the Agenda 2030 Elites.

Super Elites

Trump says we are the Super Elite. Continue to do what you can each day in defending liberty. Spread videos, links, etc. Make music videos, memes, etc. You are the resistance. Thank you.

Bill of Rights

2018-07-03 Tuesday 11:06 AM LMS - Bill of Rights
Written by me - Oatmeal Joey Arnold (JA)
Written in July of 2018
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