Biggest News Network Banned From The Internet

It makes Tommy Robinson Imprisonment look like small potatoes when compared to it all.

But it doesn't stop there. That is not even half of the whole story. Look at what they do to independent voices, journalists, news media, historians, teachers, politicians, and people like you and me.

Book Burning?

Facebook banned the Alex Jones page, my groups, and others. Bring it on. Who's side are you on?

YouTube Alex Screenshot at 2018-08-06 13:50:05.png

YouTube terminated the Alex Jones channel
YouTube also banned my Ojawall channel in 2017.

Mike Cernovich Live Stream on YouTube

Owen Benjamin is LIVE right now.

Lisa Haven: They Did It To Alex, Who Is Next?

Spotify Bans Infowars?

On top of that, Spotify removed Alex Jones podcasts. Free speech is under attack. EU is trying to ban memes and Tommy Robinson and the Hitler Dog Man and Lauren Southern and mentions of Jihadism.

Rough Diamond, Dangerous Silk?

Beyond that, Facebook said Diamond & Silk are unsafe.

Will Smith, Enemy of the State?

They're going after you and me. They target, isolate, and destroy liberal and conservative points of views. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and others, have been censoring, banning, deleting, removing, erasing, hiding, deactivating, losing, distorting, limiting, jailing, disabling, millions of people like you and me. Do or die, right? We do make a difference when we are active.

You think you are not next?

Censoring President Trump?

Yes, more importantly, anti-social control freak media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and others, have been shadow banning President Trump, and even me, and millions of people around the world, spying on people, stealing data from people, hurting people, killing people, many things, for a very long time in many countries and places and many websites in many ways all around the world both online and offline.

Political Playoffs?

They will win if we do not continue doing everything we can to talk about it and to take action to make the world better by coming together in the name of freedoms and rights and classical liberalism and libertarianism and conservatism and choices and the freewill and freedoms of speech, religion, press, arms, private property, individualism, decisions, privacy, and everything. It is do or die for us and every second counts.

Biggest News Network Banned From The Internet

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Dinesh D'Souza - Death of a Nation

Published in August of 2018

2018-08-06 Monday 12:21 PM LMS | Biggest News Network Banned From The Internet
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