Are there absolutes? Are you absolutely sure?

This question deals with philosophy, logic, reason, evidence, the ability to analyze, to think, to reason, to debate, and ultimately absolute truth or lack therein if it does in fact not exist at all, absolutely. Let me explain this flowchart meme that I made that is a little bit funny. This kind of photo art is self-explanatory but I'll still attempt to add some commentary to this diagram thing.

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Are there absolutes? Are you absolutely sure?

2020-01-20 - Monday - 02:43 AM - Absolutes - Created | 08:13 PM - Published

Absolute Truth 2020-01-20.png
Absolute Truth Flowchart Map

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in January of 2020

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Do you believe in absolute truth?

That is the question of the day. In other words, do you believe in objectivity, AKA absolute truth, AKA eternal principles? If you don't believe in absolute truth, morality, etc, then you probably believe in subjectivity, AKA relativity, AKA my ceiling can be your floor so to speak. Let's go over my diagram piece by piece starting with the yellow Start Here box.

Start Here

There is a yellow box in my diagram that says "START HERE." Follow that to the second rectangle box which asks the age old question, are there absolute truth? You have two choices to this question. You can say yes and follow the red road or you can pick the blue box to say no and follow the blue pipe. Well, spoiler alert, they both take you to the third yellow magic school bus.


This is the first question. What do you believe? What do you think? Let me know in the comments. Yes or no. Are there absolutes or not? In other words, are certain things right or wrong?


Are you sure, absolutely? That is the secondary question. There are four possible answers that you can give which are basically combinations of all possible outcomes from the two questions. In this diagram, I asked two yes or no questions. Two times two is four. So, there are a total of 4 possible combinations. If you say yes to both questions, then you can go down the YES YES path which says END HERE, OK SMARTY PANTS.

Endless Loop

But the other three possible responses, (NO YES, YES NO, and NO NO), takes you back to the first question which will then take you back to the second question which will probably then in fact take you back to the first question again and so on and so forth, again and again like a broken record.

Explaining The Loop

Let me explain the endless loop. In order to explain the circle of logic, not to be confused with Disney's Lion King's the circle of slavery life, I will need to break down that 2nd question, "ABSOLUTELY?"


Are you sure, absolutely? Regardless of whether or not you believe in absolutes or not, the next question is all about whether or not you believe in whatever you believe absolutely.

Yes Yes

If you believe in absolutes absolutely, that is double yes, then you break out of the hamster wheel matrix trap of going nowhere in life. You find the way out of the system maze. You escape the Jim Carrey Truman Show dome of existence. You escape the Scott Adams simulation of reality. You can end here if you want, ok smarty pants, mister know it all. I'm joking and yet please be careful of thinking you know more than you really do. Try to remain open minded no matter what.

No No

You could say there are no absolutes and you might not be sure about that absolutely. That means doubt. In other words, you might believe that there are no absolutes. The second question asks if you are totally confident of the answer you gave to the first question. If you say no, then that means you are not sure if there are absolute truth or not. Therefore, you end up back to question one.

Yes No

You might believe in absolutes, yes, and you might not believe it absolutely. This means you might be contemplating changing your mind which takes you back to question uno.

No Yes

You might not believe in absolutes and you may believe that absolutely. There is the irony, the paradox, when you say you don't believe X with all of your X. This ends up canceling each other out. It is like in math when you subtract the same number with itself. You end up with zero. 5-5=0. So, if you say that you believe in no absolutes with all of your heart, AKA absolutely, then you do in fact utilize what you say you do not believe. Imagine that absolutes was a gun. So, it is like saying there is no gun. but then you pick up the gun. You are like trying to have your cake and eat it too at the same time.

Objectivity vs Subjectivity

Some people believe in absolute truth, AKA objectivity, and some don't, AKA subjectivity, relativity, etc. Now, here is my quick disclaimer. I'm not saying there is no such thing application. In other words, yes, it depends on the situation. But absolute truth is all about universal law and eternal principles that can be applied to your life. They've been around since the dawn of time. They work. Billions of people have utilized these principles globally for thousands of years. So, what are you waiting for?

Does Absolutes Exist?

Here is a great meme highlighting how confusing it can be

Perspective three or four on truth 2020-10-20 - Monday - 07:51 PM.png

Can Subjective Truths Count As Absolute Truths?

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