All Kids Left Behind?

Full Skinny Cows?

Roaming Millennial, AKA Lauren Chen, talked about how they put more money into American schools, three times more in the 2010's than that of the 1970's, and things are like three times WORSE. Like skinny FAT COWS from Genesis?


However, in most cases, generally, schools got richer as kids got DUMB & DUMBER, which is the irony. The good news is that home school is rising again. I was taught at home. The #unschooling community is growing. So, what can we do to make education great again? Do we throw even more money at government and avoid confrontation, accountability?

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All Kids Left Behind?

Published in September of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold | @joeyarnoldvn
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Keeping the Country Together: Should We?

All about Free Speech, with the Blonde in the Belly of the Beast of Seattle, PDX, etc.

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Louder With Crowder

Episode 396 | KAVANAUGH HEARINGS: RAPING A MAN'S REPUTATION! Nicole Arbour Guests | Louder With PBS Arthur's Brain, Steven Crowder | We have Owen Benjamin AND Mike Ward IN STUDIO to talk all about the Kavanaugh/Ford hearings. The lovely Nicole Arbour stops by as well, and some BIG announcements! Grab your mug, fill it up and ready your butts for some laughs!

Dinosaur People Wars

In the future, dinosaurs, not robots, conquered the Indians. Fake news. Just kidding. According to this story I wrote around age ten, like in 1995 in Oregon, while I was homeschooled, in the future, people fought NOT with the Planet of the Apes or the Rise of the Terminator Machines, the MATRIX, the WALL-E, the Total Recall, the BAMBOO TOOTHPASTE, the Judge Dredd, the Minority Report, the Doll House, the Star Trek, the Predator, or even THE REAL WALKING DEAD!

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Walking Dead is Real?

But rather, FUTURE HUMANS FOUGHT WITH, DRUM ROLL PLEASE, DINOSAURS, which reminds me of an episode of talking, walking, dinosaurs, on Star Trek Voyager, not to be confused with Not Da Momma, the Dinosaurs show on ABC from the early 1990's. My creativity was a product of home school, to some extent, right? Where would I be without homeschool? Are children our future? Is prevention better than correction?

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