2020 USA Presidential Election Plan

Their plan is threefold.

First, Facebook will say Trump lost for a period of time on election day, which is Tuesday, the 3rd of November of 2020. Twitter, YouTube, Google, and other big tech ghetto social media networks will follow in that. The fake news will say Trump lost the 2020 USA Presidential Election for a moment, possibly up to a few days.

What will happen next?

Second, after that, they'll say that was a glitch, as in technical difficulties. They will say that was a mistake, a computer malfunction. They'll blame the Russians. They'll blame whoever they can for the not exactly a Y2K error. They'll talk about how it was a glitch for as long as they can, possibly a week or longer if they can. As they talk about it, they'll begin talking about trying to fix the problem. They'll try to stretch that out as long as they can.

How can I contact you? Where can I find you?

What will they do after that?

Third, they will begin talking about all of the allegedly uncounted mail-in ballot votes. They'll talk about how Trump and his supporters must have hid these ballot boxes from them, from us. So, they'll talk about trying to count and recount those votes. They'll try to get a recount of all of the votes like they did in 2000 in the race between Al Gore and George W. Bush Jr. Back then, 20 years ago, the thing was over hanging chads. This will come after people get tired of hearing about the computer glitches which said Trump won. They transition from Trump lost to sorry, technical difficulties, Russia was hacking our computers, and then transition to oh wait, look at all these uncounted ballots, lets find out who really won. Oh, I guess we don't know who really won, we got to make this fair, we got to count these ballots we suddenly found out of nowhere. Oh no, Trump doesn't want this to be fair but we got to count these new ballots we found. These new ballots must have fallen from the sky. We have to count them right now. We got to hurry up and count them all but it may take a few months to count all of them. Please be patient. We got to make sure there is enough votes to beat Trump. Wait, still not enough to say Trump lost, we need more time. You can't interfere with this. We got to fabricate and create or I mean find more ballots. We got to send them out to people in Mexico and China and other countries. We got to let the whole world vote. We got to make up for what happened in 2016 with everything that George Soros, Bill Gates, the Dems, and China did, I mean Russia. I meant to say Russia.

They're already calling it the Red Mirage.

Where can I read your other articles?

Is that it?

No. That's not it. There's more. The future can be tough to predict because globalists are not all on the same page meaning they're working on several different plans simultaneously.

Where can I find your videos?

Some of the control freaks have been working on trying to get blue states to secede when Trump wins in order to make a United States of Leftist States. But there is more. Keep reading to find out.

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2020 USA Presidential Election Plan

Published on 2020-09-30 - Wednesday
Published in September of 2020

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What in the world is globalism?

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What else?

They're trying to impeach, imprison, poison, injure, hurt, damage, and ultimately murder Trump via a variety of means. They encourage their pawns to do it. Some of the elite do attempt doing it directly but the smarter ones know it can be better not to get their hands dirty. Some of the globalists know they can't always do things too excessively directly. Some of them get psychology and how they have to do things gradually and under our noses kind of thing. They don't want to tick us off too aggressively because then we would rise up and fight them a lot harder than we are already.

But it gets worse.

What? It gets worse? Yeah, regardless of who wins in November, the patriots will continue to fight for freedom and the demons will continue making Hell out on the streets. Specifically, what is happening in Australia with the Covid Lockdown where they arrest and imprison journalists and peaceful lockdown protesters is being planned for America coming this winter to democrat-run cities and potentially everywhere, even if Trump wins. Well, some of it is already here. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

There are dozens of things happening both good and bad right now simultaneously all around the world that would leave your head spinning if only you knew just the half of it, dear Lord it's a mad house. I don't even have time right now to talk about how Big Tech bans people like me and you and Alex Jones and all kinds of people.

Is there any good news?

Yeah, but I don't even have time right now to talk about all of the good news that you can be a part of as we make history right now globally in a wide variety of ways except to say you can sign up to be a poll watcher or pass this on to somebody who can be a poll watcher. Just visit the Army For Trump website to find out more. You can watch the video to find out more.



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