1913 Created 1933? Twenty-Year Pattern Theory

Here is my crazy conspiracy theory on how globalists and others attempt to centralize, regulate, buy, own, dominate, monopolize, influence, and control different things. This is my brief rough draft introduction post that seeks to outline a few key dates in world history and particularly American History. Some of this may be inaccurate. Some of it may be too general. In other words, exceptions may apply. Long story short, it appears that they attempt to control more and more in increments of every other decade, AKA in 20-year time periods, give or take a few years, generally speaking.

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United States of District Columbia

1913 Created 1933? Twenty-Year Pattern Theory

A rough draft outline article post
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Like, sometimes, they may get delayed on their overall plan. Well, Alex Jones says there are different factions of globalists. Long story short, there is infighting within the control freaks who are always trying to rule the world more and more like Pinky & the Brain but in real life (IRL). Here is an incomplete outline as follows:

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in December of 2019

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Some relating bills & events as follows:

District of Columbia Organic Act

1871-02-21 - Grant signed this bill into law

The Coinage Act

1873-02-12 - Grant signed into law the The Coinage Act which might have been a step towards the gold standard which is then possibly and potentially an indirect step towards centralizing money | Free Silver vs Free Bernie Sanders College Tuition Ideology

Sherman Silver Purchase Act

1890-07-14 - Harrison signed into law the Sherman Silver Purchase Act which required the government to buy up the silver from we the people, from private property owners | Sherman Antitrust Act


1913-12-23 - Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act


1933-05-12 - Roosevelt signed into law the Agricultural Adjustment Act


1933-06-16 - Roosevelt signed into law the National Industrial Recovery Act


1949 - The FCC introduced the Fairness Doctrine | NATO


1952-06-27 - Senate overrode Truman's veto to enact the Immigration and Nationality Act which is like a step towards open borders

War Powers Resolution

1973-11-07 - The Senate overrode Nixon's veto to enact the War Powers Resolution


1973-12-29 - Nixon signed into the law the Health Maintenance Organization Act | DC Home Rule Act


1993-12-08 - Clinton signed into law the North American Free Trade Agreement


1996-02-01 - Thursday - Bill Clinton signed into law the Communications Decency Act on that first day of February of 1996 which was the same day my dad came home with a camcorder for my older brother. Speaking of Internet related stuff, YouTube went on to remove some of those home videos we started making before my 11th birthday that same month | COPA


2018-04-11 - Trump signed into law the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act which appears to be like an Internet Censorship Bill in disguise or a step towards that direction, indirectly speaking | TPP


Here is what globalists try to do in 20-year installment phases:

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The Death of Internet


Centralize the ability to make money, coins, etc.


Centralize government theft of private property and maybe science too?


Centralize Banking


Centralize Cronyism


Centralize the main stream media maybe?


Centralize education and religion?


Centralize trade


Centralize the ability to communicate


Centralize the regulation of population control, reproduction rights, etc.


Centralize the regulation and control over individualism, decision making, personal private property rights, AKA ownership rights, etc.


Centralize the regulation and control over individual thoughts, entirely, each second, for each slave. The ruling class are generally exempt from this.

What Else?

Did I forget anything? Did I leave anything out?

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No Borders No Wall No USA At All

Disguised Deception

In future articles, I will try to talk about some of the problems that some of the laws may have. See, on the surface, a bill looks nice. Technically speaking, some laws may not be bad, theoretically. However, do we want government to take care of us or do we want to make decisions on our own? Are we all big babies and how much can we trust the federal government with? Slowly over time, some people begin to give up freedoms, rights, and liberties, for the promise of potential safety and security. But if you take the time to study the patterns in history, you will see the swamp. If you take the time to follow the money, you can see key players in history who were pulling the strings. Government generally grows over time. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We should always try to shrink the size of federal and international governments. When we are not doing that, then those governments are, according to their own nature, expanding.

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The good news is that some of the conservatives, patriots, classical liberals, and others, are talking about the problem of the cancer of government. We have big problems. We should always talk about these problems and other problems. Because that is a step towards seeking after solutions. Also, we can always try to reverse-engineer this economical ship. One of the solutions is within cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) and blockchains (like Steem) which tries to decentralize some of the money to an extent. That is an attempt to balance the competition as we battle money cartels, banking cartels, corporate cartels, industrial cartels, media cartels, tech cartels, religious cartels, science cartels, trading cartels, education cartels, entertainment cartels, military cartels, and especially the power cartels. So, what do you think about all of this?

To be continued.

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