Imagine A Virus So Deadly That...


Imagine a virus so deadly that the media can't talk about anything else for months at a time. Every day, they use the word "death-toll", because we must be terrified.

Imagine a virus so deadly that we have to vote from home five months from now, because it's so deadly, it's even infected THE FUTURE!

Imagine a virus so deadly that it can't jump over the plexiglass at your grocery store, but won't hurt you over the counter when you buy weed, lotto tickets or liquor.

Imagine a virus so deadly that it can KILL within 6 feet, but is powerless at 7 or 8 or 10 feet.

Imagine a virus so deadly that we should all wear masks, we should all NOT wear masks, we should all wear masks or else. But remember that masks are useless.

Imagine a virus so deadly that attacks viciously in Democrat led States that must be locked down and opened slowly (to save lives)... but is already over in Republican States that have re-opened with lower and lower death rates.

Imagine a virus so deadly that it only attacks the public, but not politicians who huddle together shoulder to shoulder in front of cameras warning the public about how deadly the virus is.

Imagine a virus so deadly that we must cancel all elective surgeries at hospitals, but keep abortion clinics open... to save lives???

Imagine a virus so deadly that the only way to stay safe is to OBEY ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS AND HEALTH AUTHORITIES.

Imagine a virus so deadly that to fight it we must all huddle in our safe spaces until there's a vaccine. We can't return to normal until there's a vaccine. You can't go to the bar UNTIL EVERYONE'S VACCINATED!

Imagine a virus so deadly that it's totally worth it to form a new dystopian world order, to aid us in our fight against this terrible disease. We'll even give it a cool name like "newnormal"

This Deadly Virus Has A Name: FEAR

This virus spreads, not by contact or people without masks, or people gathering in groups. No this virus spreads through the MEDIA, GOVERNMENTS (Fed, State and local) and through TERRIFIED ZOMBIES who want nothing more than for everyone else to be as frightened as they are.

The deadly virus is FEAR and its does strange things to our behavior, our beliefs, our actions and even our THOUGHTS. Once infected, we don't want to show our mouth, we don't want to sit next to people, we stay away from crowds, we lecture anyone who is not getting in line, we loose our ability of independent thought (while believing we are making rational educated decisions), we obey signs that warn about "social distancing" and "wear a mask". We obsessively wash our hands and try not to touch our faces.

We abandon our God-given sovereignty to control our own thoughts and actions and delegate that responsibility to the "authorities". We become nothing more than trained animals.

And that is why the virus is deadly.


Benjamin Turner: God fearer. Rooted in Messiah. Husband of @lturner. Father of FIVE wonderful children. The guy behind the camera. Blockchain enthusiast.

Bless the Most High!

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