Adventures at the UPS Store: When We Refuse To Comply

Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God

The original Seal of the United States of America was not the familiar pyramid and eagle, originally it was suggested as such in 1782:

"Moses standing on the Shore, and extending his Hand over the Sea, thereby causing the same to overwhelm Pharaoh who is sitting in an open Chariot, a Crown on his Head and a Sword in his Hand. Rays from a Pillar of Fire in the Clouds reaching to Moses, to express that he acts by Command of the Deity." Motto, "Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God." - Benjamin Franklin


This is not a concept that expires with age. When Benjamin Franklin wrote this, he was intending this to be the MOTTO of the United States of America for the duration of it's existence and for every State of the Union be participate in the spirit of the phrase. We will not become slaves again!

What Does Rebellion to Tyrants Look Like?

We all know that there are tyrants in various positions within government, but there are also many who execute tyranny in our everyday lives. Some are in local government, some are within private businesses. This is the story of one such business.

It's fine for a business to make rules for customers to follow, I get it. In fact I encourage businesses to be selective with their clients, no shoes, no shirt, no service. Put up a sign and it's settled.

The difficulty I have is when impractical rules are so enforced, outside of reasonable standards, they are willing to make their customers feel so unwelcome that they leave and take their business elsewhere. Every consumer makes a choice when they make a purchase: This is how a free people operate - if they are being subjected to tyrannical policies, they it's their choice to either fight or they leave.

On to my story.

Delivering a Package at the UPS Store


I had a package to deliver. I boxed it up neatly, labeled everything correctly. I could either take it to the Post Office, but I decided rather to go to the local UPS store for the delivery.

While I was driving to the store, I looked around at people outside and in their cars. A few things I noticed:

First thing I noticed is that nobody was following the "stay home stay safe" order - the road was filled with cars and many businesses were open. This was very encouraging for me!

Second thing I noticed, was that NOBODY WAS WEARING MASKS! Not in their cars, not walking on the sidewalk. Not anywhere I could see. This was also very encouraging! I'm not OK with wearing a mask, it seems as if the mask trend is almost over. We had a mask in the glove compartment, just in case. I've never used it.

I drove to the UPS store, with package in hand. I stopped the car, opened the glove compartment and stuffed the yellow medical mask in my pocket. I had NO intention of using it, but if I were forced to, I'd be ready.


I get out of the car and was greeted with a sign on the door with a giant red stop sign on it. It said something to the effect of "you must wear a mask".


A good way to understand "STOP" is with Stop, think, observe, proceed. So in that split second, I did exactly that.

I stopped and thought: mask requirement, why is nobody wearing masks except inside this particular business? What is it about package delivery that require extra precautions? CV cannot exist on surfaces for more than a few hours, so it's not like it would spread particularly far from here.

I observed: looking beyond the sign into the UPS store, nobody was inside except one person behind the counter. There were no crowds.

I proceeded: opening the door, I walked in without a mask on. Purposefully.

Was it Wrong of Me to Disobey the Sign?

On the surface, it may seem sort of petty walking into an establishment requiring me to wear a mask over my mouth, intentionally without a mask over my mouth. But I did it for a reason. I was so encouraged seeing life begin to return to normal, now this sign is commanding me to do something ABNORMAL and against my will.

I do not believe it was wrong of me to disobey the sign. It is wrong to force behavior against the will of the individual. We must obey God, rather than man.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

When I was younger, I would hear the song by Five Man Electric Band called "Signs". As a young person, I always followed signs, no matter what. The lyrics of this song made a lasting impression, because it described the "tyrany-light" that every adult has and will experience in their life - submitting to the authority of "policies", declared with a "sign".

Hey you mister can't you read? You gotta have a mask on to do business here! You can't be in here, no you can't mail your package. You ain't supposed to BREATH HERE!

My Decision to Proceed

I will admit right now, I was making a point. I didn't know if they would kick me out. I didn't know if it would cause trouble. I was about to find out.

I put my best foot forward. I smiled at the lady behind the desk (who was wearing a mask) and said "I have a package to deliver!" I walked up to the desk and placed the box there, cheerfully willing and able to purchase delivery.

She looked up at me and maybe smiled (I couldn't tell for sure, it was behind her mask) and she immediately began the transaction on her computer. I was pleased she didn't say anything about my BARE MOUTH, but so far so good. Maybe this will be a pleasant transaction after all.

The Beginning of the End

As she was on her computer getting ready to mail the package, she said it. The words I suspected might be coming.

"Sir, you must have your mouth covered in here".

I looked at her blankly. "What?" (I played a little dumb).

"You have to have your mouth covered, at least with your shirt or something."

I obediently stretched my shirt over my mouth, but it's tricky keeping it stretched that high. I didn't want my belly button showing. I kept dropping it, hoping that my effort would be sufficient for her to let it go. Humor and guts is what propels all meaningful conversations.

The Laugh Track

She began asking me questions about the package. Ok, back on track. While she was doing that, I heard laughter behind the partition behind the desk. Two women were laughing about something, I don't know what, but it must have been pretty funny. Kinda put me in a humorous mood, like there was a laugh track going along with my monologue.

There was something else I noticed: the laughs were NOT MUFFLED through a mask. Interesting.

Will This Transaction Be Completed?

Everything seemed like it was going fairly well. The lady asked me a few questions about the package and I answered her. Maybe we will get though this without incident! That is, until she looked up and saw my mouth UNCOVERED.

Sir, I'm going to have to ask for you to keep your mouth covered.

So I obediently pulled my shirt over my mouth again and a thought popped into my head: "What am I doing?"

"You know, I can hop on one foot too, if you'd like."

And I began hopping on one foot, while covering my mouth with my shirt. I must have looked ridiculous.

She looked up at me, very unimpressed. I was hoping for at least a chuckle.

"Sir, I'm serious, if my manager sees you without a mask, she'll kick you out."

Meanwhile, as if right on que, I heard more laughter from behind the partition. They weren't laughing at me, thankfully, but whatever they were laughing about, they thought it was funny!

The Humor of This Situation

My goal was to get her to at least chuckle a little at this ridiculous situation. Here I was, covering my mouth with my shirt, jumping on one foot. C'mon, it's funny. I can't pretend there's a danger in this empty room, all I want to do is mail a package! No COVIDS are going to jump up and kill us on the spot. It's all in our heads!

She continued:

Is there anything liquid or perishable in this package? Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to stand on the "X"

I was about to answer her first question when I realized her command. I looked at her, I looked at the floor, to see if there was an "X" near by.

Behind you.

I looked behind me and saw the "X", about 6 feet back away from the desk. I looked back at her.

Why do I have to stand...

Then I remembered the 6-foot rule. The stand on the "X" rule. Oh boy.

I Was Done

Was I going to take three large steps back, standing on the "X"? No thank you, not interested in that railcar - sure it's for my safety, but I'll risk standing where I am for now.

I snatched the package into my hands and said:

I don't feel welcome here

Turned around, package in hand and walked out. This is how a free people operate - if they are being subjected to tyrannical policies, they it's their choice to either fight or they leave.

I left.

I Wonder If I'm the Only One

As I was walking back to my car, another gentleman was getting out, walking towards the door. He didn't have a mask on and I quietly chuckled to myself, wondering if something like this will happen again. I was relieved that I'm the normal one here and I'm not alone!

Then I noticed the mask in his hand and him putting it on as he walked in. Cover your mouth, stand on the "X", get in the rail car here, it'll be a short ride, no there's no bathroom.

Obedience to God is Mitigating the Risk

You may get the impression that I'm a rebellious person, that I break rules just for the fun of it. But that's not the case at all. In fact, I base my life around living according to the commandments of the Most High God. The righteous shall live by their faith - by their OBEDIENCE.

I do not consider obedience a bad word, in fact it's exactly what God is looking for in His people. Obedience to His commandments.

But "Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God". It's the reason my fore-fathers risked their lives and livelihoods to come to the United States - they were fleeing TYRANNY, looking for a better life. This is how a free people operate - if they are being subjected to tyrannical policies, they it's their choice to either fight or they leave.

Living a Redeemed Life

Redemption through the sacrifice of Yeshua and His Resurrection, means living according to this phrase: "Fear God and Keep His Commandments" and "Do not fear those who can kill the body, but cannot do anything with the soul, but fear the one who can destroy both body and soul in Gehenna."

That is what it means to be OBEDIENT. This is what it means to live by faith. We must obey God rather than men.

It means you don't have to wear a mask to mitigate the risk of the COVIDs.

This is More About Thought Control, Then About Saving Lives

It's wrong to submit your will to others only to satisfy 1918 pandemic protocols that don't even work.

It's wrong to serve the purpose of the MASTERS who are TERRIFYING the masses with faulty statistics and behavior modification. This "pandemic" has already proven to be nothing like the "Spanish Flu" that took so many lives.

It's wrong to contribute to the political maneuvering that's going on here. It's no coincidence that this is happening an election year. And of course the "second wave" will be just in time for November.


What Do You Think?

I'd be curious to know. We still live in a time and a place where such things can be done without great retributions, but it won't always be like that. If anyone wants to make a statement, now may be your last chance.

Was I being ridiculous? Was I just being unkind? Was I outside of the bounds of decency? Would you have done something similar? Did it accomplish anything?

I look forward to your comments.


Benjamin Turner: God fearer. Rooted in Messiah. Husband of @lturner. Father of FIVE wonderful children. The guy behind the camera. Blockchain enthusiast.

Bless the Most High!

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